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Unable To Create A Second Different Dvd In My Dvd After Creating The First One.


With newly purchased NXT 4, I was able to successfully complete one production via Export and MY DVD. Now, I want to complete a second different Production, and have successfully exported as .avi, but when I click on NEW DVD, I get message "could not find a part of path to G:\VIDEO\Chorale". This is the path to my first, now completed production, on an external hard drive. I ran REPAIR under SETUP but did not clear up problem. I then completely uninstalled NXT 4 with REVO UNINSTALLER PRO (including all references in registry) and reinstalled NXT 4. Still have same error message. How can I erase the ghost of my first, and so far, only successful DVD?

Windows 7 64 bit. Lots of memory and disk storage space.



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Probably just a workflow issue...


All of your editing is done is VideoWave and when you have it the way you want it, you either Export As or Send To DVD (which is export with a few less options ;))


Either one creates a movie clip file that can be added to MyDVD.


If you start with a New Project - it will offer a name based on the date. Should you enter an old Project name it will as if you want to overwrite it.

If you use File Open - it is after a previous project and expects everything in that project to be where it was when you saved it!

It 'sounds' more like you are using the File Open and it cannot find everything expected.


Also to be sure, you are referring to MyDVD and not VideoWave??? VW is similar on File - projects.


It is not related but i am curious why you use AVI for your exprot? All DVD's use mpeg and AVCHD/BD use m2ts.

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