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Ricardo R

Video Signal Lost, Audio Is Fine



I´m trying to convert some old 80s family tapes. They work OK when I play them on TV.

My problem with the software is the following: I receive a video signal on screen (I can see the image in blue while the tape is in stand-by mode), but once I press "Play" on the VCR I only receive a video signal for less than a second, then I lose the image and get a "no video signal". The audio keeps working.

When I review the recording, I can see more video has been captured, but only for a short while as the software stops recording when there is a transition in the VHS.

I use a Samsung VCR, I connected using the yellow-red-white cables. I have a pretty new computer that meets the technical requirements.

Can anyone help?


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Is your computer a laptop, or a desktop? Your issue sounds potentially like a USB power problem.


If you have a laptop, make sure you're connected to an outlet, don't run on battery power. Check your system settings to see if there are power option settings for your USB ports, and if so, make sure they're set to the highest setting. Try all of your USB ports. Different ports can behave differently.


If you have a desktop, make sure you're connecting to a USB port on the rear of the PC, not one on the front. As with a laptop, try all of your ports.


Also, post your computers actual specs. "...pretty new computer that meets the technical requirements" doesn't actually tell us anything.


Let us know how you make out.

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I notice your location uses SCART.


Are you taking the Composite Video (Yellow) off of the Scart connector? Have you tried a different Scart connector?

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