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Copy To "no Drive Detected


We are having an issues with a clients software. then they tro to make a copy disk (copy the contents of one CD/dvd to another with a single dvd device) it says no drive detected in the "copy to", there is no device in the pull down tab either. i have attached an image of what is going on. the disk drive is detected in the copy from and we can read and write to it no problem.



dell computer Optiplex 9020

OS windows 10

drive: PLDS DVD-ROM DH-16D8S


any help would be great.


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According the drive specs you posted that is a ROM (Read-Only-Memory) drive: it can only read a DVD and you cannot write to it. That is why no "write" drive is detected.


Also that Roxio program you have may not be compatible with Win10

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On a 'net search I've found the PLDS DVD-ROM DH-16D5S,and DH-16D2S. All of them are DVD-ROM/CD-ROM drives.

There are some DH16D8S drives available in China, but I can't find more details yet.


-What sort of discs have you been able to burn with this one please?





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