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I have used VHS to DVD 3 Plus for the first time today. I was able to get the video to show in the software and recorded it. I then saved it to my hard drive.


After viewing it I would like to "TRIM" off a few seconds of the end. I can't seem to get it right. I set the "Trim markers " to cut off the part of the video I don't want and then export it.


I read that it places the file in a different location than when you first export it so I was sure to review the correct exported video. But no matter what I do I end up with the video with nothing trimmed ??


Sorry if my terminology is incorrect but I am a novice at this


Thank You for any assistance that can be provided

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C:\Video\Easy VHS to DVD\... folder with name of export preset that you used.


Of course the Capture location is the one found under File - Preferences


Some info on the Trim function in EVD, a\HERE

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