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Frank Cola

Photoshow Will Not Recognize My New Dvd Drive


Hello, I'll make this short. I've an HP Pavillion DV6 with Windows 7 I've been burning Photshows DVD for years no issue. My old DVD drive on my HP crapped out so I went on ebay bought the identical same as new replacement and installed it in 2 minutes flat. All was good, it plays DVD's records and burns does everything that a new drive should do. Here's my issue, when trying to burn a DVD Photoshow, PS will not recognize any drive being there when I click the burn DVD button. It says there is no drive, please check drivers or something about an connecting an external drive(that i do not own). I'm not good on REGEDIT stuff that I've seen on youtube, but, on my Computer says drive working correctly (no issue). Why the heck does PS get so fussy, why can't it just see that a drive is there. I've a wedding on SAT and I'm running out of time. Thank you for anything you can point me to. The drive works, it's so frustrating


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