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Matt Caz

Toast Titanium Pro 16 Bugs / Issues!


Just got stupid and paid for the upgrade to Toast 16 Pro. Looks like there's a few new utilities and 1 new feature(the multi-cam feature) and it also looks like Corel Quality Control hasn't gotten any better. Running Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra. In the burning screen when you click on Menu, the drop down selections are transparent so their text is basically lost because of the background showing thru. The same thing on other dropdown menus. See the attached screenshots.





From what it seems to me, I paid for a new version that just has a different color scheme, 1 feature most people won't use, and User Interface bugs. I haven't really played with it to evaluate the burning performance but the one blu ray disk I did burn, never got better than 2x on a 6x Blu Ray on a 16x Blu Ray external drive.


Also, after I installed the "100 extra" themes for mydvd, there's no way to find them or use them. (See below for an update to the THEME ISSUE)


I have chatted with Corel about this and they have sent the issues to the tech department. I'm not optimistic about getting any fixes due to their history of Ignoring Toast 15.


I hope they prove me wrong. If you have Toast 15... I would wait before throwing away your money on Toast16. Don't be stupid like me.


UPDATE: Toast Titanium 16 Pro: I couldn't get the extra 100 theme to install where they would show up in MYDVD and Corel tech support was the worst ever (No surprise here). Out of Frustration I finally mounted the disk image and then copied the themes .pkg file from the PRO APPS folder and then pasted it into the MYDVD folder. Then I did the install from that location and Voila! The themes are now in the MYDVD product.



matt caswell

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Matt, unfortunately you are right!


There is no good reason to upgrade to Toast 16 with the present features.


And the user interface, in particular colors and such like (cf. your examples) are at best kind of 20 to 30 years ago. Maybe some people think that black is beautiful. But this is not a game, this is a utility. Actually, everybody should have learned by today that black is completely unproductive if not to say nonsense and a nerve as background color as is white for the text. And a dark cursor on a dark background is actually a negative highlight as you cannot see where you are going to insert the text. All this contradicts all present day human factors guidelines! Corel should immediately provide an update to choose a different color scheme and remove the overlapping parts of the display or rather separate them from each other.



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I can't even get Toast 16 to load. Crashes on opening. And the download for the Blu-ray plugin shows version 11! Waiting for an answer from Tech. Version 14 worked fine. Don't they test their products? I guess we are the beta testers.

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So why is the Toast with High Sierra topic locked, Corel?


Hmmm, now it's unlocked, but I can't find how to delete this posting. Sorry guys.

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Not much evidence of support,solutions I see on this thread either.

Lots of views.....not much coming by way in problem solving replies.

Suggestions that purchasers can just go and seek a refund does not wash here as it’s the blu-ray plug in which we are all after that nobody else seems to be Mac OS X/Vendor co-herent with.

Wish I could help but I’m battling to get any help for myself/my own ongoing unanswered questions.

I’d like to ask a question here.

The support at roxio/correl.

2 things.

Firstly as a paying customer they dont respond in an acceptable and timely manner and when they do it is purely so frustrating you could literally scream as you would think they would take the time to first read your email so as to not ask you to have to repeat yourself over and over again......and still they have no idea....0 product knowledge with no technical problem solving experience(in my experience)whatsoever.

I purchased toast titanium pro 16 for Mac OS X online $220 AUD and did not come readily with “Pro Apps” bundle so you have to get on the blower to tech support only to realise it’s a link there and then they send to you only to find that 1 in fact is only a trial period App....and no sign of any ”photomagico” app only aftershot 3 and painter essentials 5(trial) so when you look on roxio toast 16 pro bundle page interesting to see no mention at all of this bit of a rude shock.

I think the CEO’S of these companies should face up to these issues instead of lamping us duped ones with appalling levels of support and palming us off to too hard basket forums where 520 views versus 3-4 replies none of which I’ve noticed really benefit the end user.

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I was having big weird issues with Toast Titanium 16 on MacOS X 10.13 High Sierra. The toaster icon didn't bounce during launch; the icon stayed in the dock but with no dot under it; no Toast processes showed in Activity Monitor; it took an unbelievably long time to even settle into this or any state; sometimes the whole GUI froze. Corel support gave me this fix within 24 hours, which worked perfectly for me (iMac 21.5" late 2012):




Regarding your concern, please follow the procedure below to completely remove and reinstall Toast.

Quit Toast, trash the entire Toast 16 Titanium folder (located in Finder > Applications), then do the same for any previous versions of Toast, if you still have any installed. You need to remove all previous versions of Toast to avoid possible conflicts. Next is to check for the files listed below. If you see any of them, trash them:

"Roxio Toast Prefs"

You should be able to locate these files in ~/Library/Preferences. On the taskbar at the top, click on "Go", and select "Go To Folder...". Type in "~/Library/Preferences", without the quotes. Locate the above files in the Preferences folder that comes up and delete them. You must use this procedure because this particular Library folder is hidden from view, and this is how to open hidden folders.

Aside from deleting the plist and Prefs files under the hidden Library/Preferences folder, you also need to delete other files/folders from these locations:
Hidden Library sub-folders:
-Preferences > plist and Prefs files
-Application support > Roxio folder
-Caches > Com.roxio.toast
-Saved application state > com.corel.toastxxx.savedstate, com.roxio.toastxxx.savedstate
-Services > Toastit.service

Shortcut to bringing up the hidden Library folder (so you don’t need to use the Go To Folder search tool) is to open a Finder window, press and hold down the “Option” key on the Mac keyboard, then click Go > Library on the taskbar at the top of the screen. Notice that if you release the “Option” key, the “Library” item on the Go menu disappears. Pressing the Option key again makes the Library item re-appear.

Once the procedure is complete, reboot your Mac, then re-install Toast 16.



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