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Is It Possible To Mute Sound On Video?

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I have old home movies converted from 8mm to vhs years ago. There is no sound on the tape, but when I import them into Easy VHS to DVD, edit, export to my computer and then upload them to Facebook, there is a horrible buzzing noise when I play them on Facebook. Can't figure out a way to mute the sound on the creation and facebook doesn't seem to have a way for me to mute it on upload. Any suggestions?


update: I downloaded a free video converter and was able to mute sound, but because it's freeware it puts their credits at the beginning and the end of the video. Will choose buzzing over that. I'm running windows 10 and do not have windows Movie Maker and can't find a download for it anymore (if it would even have had the capability).

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In the editor of EVD you will see the little speaker icon at the left side above the clip. There is a dropbox and a slider that controls the audio level.


It controls the volume for the entire project so if you need to do segments you would have to load each one and export them. before doing the whole project.


I do not know what effect doing pieces would have in the final rendering. The buzz is probably due to the software attempting to raise the gain of a channel that doesn't have any.

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