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Windows 10 Fall Update


I just tried to update to the newest W10 Fall Update (1709) for a couple of days now

and it continues to not complete the update procedure. I have had 3 different MS techs

check each of my computers running W10 Pro (also with NXT6Pro installed on each) and MS

cannot seem to fix the problem. The only errors I get show me "an uncontrollable error".


After playing around with each computer, I unhooked both of my separate HD's that I keep

my personal files on and tried the update again. This time it completed the update fine.

I did this on the other W10 computer I have where it also failed and again this time it

completed the update OK.


Not sure if the errors anyone else has is the same ? If you google the new update error

there are many, many users having similar problems !!! So it seems like MS is having a lot

of problems with users for this update.


BTW, after the update completed the two HD short cut icons I had on my desktop did not work any

more but deleting each of them and doing two new shortcuts for each of the HD's I was back in


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I ran mine directly from Windows Update. The first time I ran it it failed.When I retried it went just fine.No problems seen so far.

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