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Monty Lee

Result codes?


I can't get any help at all from Roxio support, so maybe someone on this forum knows where Roxio hid the information on what the result codes mean. For a VIDEO_TS file I'm trying to transfer to my iPod, I get:


Couldn't complete the last command becuase of a Mac OS Error. Result Code = -50


I searched the knowledgebase (what a joke) and there is nothing under "result code", "error code" or any oher combinaton. I found MacOS X error codes online, but according to Apple, error code -50 is "Error in user parameter list." The program has failed to pass a required parameter.


OK, so how is Popcorn 2 screwing up and how do I fix it? Worthless HELP option in Popcorn trying to figure out what is wrong.


So has anyone seen this and how do you fix it?



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