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Jam Cd-text Info Puzzle


I'm using Jam 6 to burn my audio CDs and I name the CD and tracks in CD-TEXT Info.

I just mastered 6 CD. Each CD had it's own unique programs.

None of them show the names that I inputted for on any of the CDs and one of the CDs (and its tracks) gets renamed when it's opened in iTunes.

All of the tracks were originally recorded in my studio.

Why - and how can I prevent it? and how can I make the names show - rather than Track numbers and "audio Disc."

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The CD Text info burned to audio CDs does not appear on computers because they don't read CD Text. Your Mac first looks to its cdinfo database file and if it can't find a match (number and length of tracks on the disc) it accesses the online CDDB to download track/artist/album info if a match is present there.


What I recommend is going here and downloading the CD Text to CD Info applescript to transfer what Jam burned to iTunes so it will be added to your cdinfo database file.


You also can upload to CDDB which is good if you're planning to distribute multiple copies of your CD.

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