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How To Extract DVD Clips and Audio with Popcorn 4


To extract video clips from your DVD:


1. Begin a Convert --> Video Files project.

2. Insert your unencrypted DVD-Video disc into the Mac or locate a VIDEO_TS folder on your hard disk.

3. From the Popcorn Media Browser, select DVD from the top menu and then drag your DVD into the Content Area. You can also drag a VIDEO_TS from any Finder window or your desktop.

4. When the DVD-Video folder is dragged into the project, you will see the Extract DVD Clip dialog

5. Select the video title on the DVD you would like to extract a clip from the Title pulldown.

6. Select the audio track you’d like to use from the DVD. This includes selecting alternate languages when available on the DVD.

7. You can click the play button and preview the DVD title.

8. Drag the Clip Start Marker and Clip End Marker so that the area of video you would like to extract is between them. Alternatively you can change the value of Start Chapter or End Chapter to have the clip markers move to those positions.

9. Click the + button at the bottom left of the window. This will add your selected clip to the list. You can click on the name of the clip in the list to make changes to the name.

10. Repeat steps 5 through 9 to add additional clips to the list.

11. When you’re finished selecting clips, click the Add button. Your video clips will be added to the Convert  Video Files project.

12. Click the red Copy button. The Player Setup dialog will appear and you can export all of the clips to the format of your choice.


To extract music from your DVD:


1. Begin a Convert --> Audio Files project.

2. Follow steps 2 through 12 for extracting video clips.

3. When you press the red Copy button, you’ll be able to select the audio format you would like to use for extracted music.




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