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VideoWave 4 dll error

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In Videowave 4, when I try to capture from the analog video, I get a qvd.dll error and then the program crashes. I have heard this is reated to XP service pack 2 and 3 but can not find any solutions. I would upgrade to a newer version, but my dazzle capture device only works with Version 4 since it came with my Dell and they have locked it out of using any other software. Any ideas??

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Guest ml

Did it work before you installed the WinXP service packs?


If it did, you'll probably have to uninstall the service packs and that will probably require uninstalling Internet Explorer 7. Links to uninstall sp3 and ie are here: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=23162


Dazzle has many devices and usually they work with more than one program. Their support knowledgebase is here: http://avid.custkb.com/avid/app/selfservic...Community11=686


You might see if WinXP's free Movie Maker will import the data. There are also free import programs on the internet with links from places like: www.videohelp.com

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