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Video Capture Problems


Hello and Help,

ok, Roxio Creator 2010, Kworld capture card PVR-TV 883, windows xp,

When I go to the Video capture part of the program I get a error box "unknown capture error" this box keeps comming

even after I close it.

If I connect my Sony DV Cam via fire wire, and I have to do It fast before the "error box" comes back, It works fine.

In capture setting there are 2 choices, "conexant 2388 video capture" and "avc compliant dv device". While closing the

"error box" I quickly choose "avc compliant dv device" and everything works fine, can capture and work camera with

program. When I connect a vcr to the capture card, I get nothing and I keep getting the "error box" and the "conexant 2388

is the only choice in capture settings. Help please, what do I need to do to capture my normal vhs tapes and what are the best setting for the best quality.

Thanks all.

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Why do I have to use the kworld software?


It was designed to use that device. Are you familiar with drivers (link) and what they do? Basically the drivers tell the software, the computer and the device to talk to each other. If you had purchased the device that Roxio sell, then you would have the proper drivers for the device and the software to work and you would not have this problem.


Once you capture the video, you can use the Roxio program to edit and burn to a disc.

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