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Streamer Cant Find Server


I keep getting an error saying "the roxio streamer service could not be located on the network" I went to my services and cannot find the service either. how do I install the service, and create a server?

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I'm getting the same error. I've unloaded and reloaded the software package three times, shut down the firewall during reinstalls as well as during computer restarts with no success. It's hard to believe that only two of us are having the same problem. Any success??

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same problem for me, any resolutions?



Here is my issue: When i run Roxio Streamer Config Wizard inn order to set up service, I receive the error message "The Roxio Streamer service could not be located on the network, please contact roxio customer care for potential resolutions."


I am new to roxio creator 2011 pro, I just purchased yesterday :). I have been eying this program for many years but I finally purchased. I did not buy roxio creator for the streamer but I thought it sounded like a cool feature. However, after several hours of trying to resolve this problem without success, I am starting to get quite aggravated.


I am running windows 7 64bit..here is what I have tried....


1. Turned off all firewalls including my router firewalls... no go

2. installed streamer on another computer, turned off firewalls... no go

3. connected computer to modem in order to bypass router... no go

4. enabled UPnP/NAT-PMP to open port automatically or manually

forward port 10080 to my local machine... no go

5. went into safe mode w/networking... no go

6. spent an exorbitant amount of time chatting with customer support ... definite no go


Does this service actually work? does anyone know? has anyone come close to resolving this issue?

Please respond.


Thanks LT Cindy

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