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Popcorn 4 Appears Not To Be Compressing


Hey Folks,


I have an issue with Popcorn 4 not burning a VIDEO_TS folder onto a SL disk and I'm not getting a lot of support from the Support Desk from Roxio. The information is as follows:


- the file size to be burned, prior to compression, is roughly 24.7G. Popcorn indicates that compression should be roughly 94%


- the folder that I have added is a video_ts folder. The file formats of the files in that folder are .VOB, .BUP, and .IFO.


additional information:

- the DVD being used is a Memorex DVD-R. It is brand new and doesn't have any issues.

- Matshita DVD-R UJ-875 is the device being used

- Drivers for Matshita are up to date

- verfying data is turned off

- Enable Buffer Overrun Protection is enabled

- The MAC can see the Matshita device properly


without any files loaded for Burning, Popcorn states the following:


0 Bytes on 1 disc / Space remaining: 4.39GB


- once the files are placed into Popcorn for Burning, Popcorn states the following:


27.4 GB on 1 disc / Space Remaining: 0 Bytes


considering the size of the video_ts folder UNCOMPRESSED is 27.4G, Popcorn is stating a size prior to compression which, naturally, is too large for a 4.7G disk. Hence the need for compression. But the "Use Fit-to-DVD video compression" option is selected.


Is Popcorn recognizing the "Fit-to-DVD" compression option? is there some other option that has to be turned on to compress the data? Why is Popcorn trying to burn WITHOUT compressing?


Any suggestions that you have would be greatly appreciated. I'll give it a few more days trying to figure this out and, if I can't, I'll end up asking for a refund from Roxio for the Popcorn ...



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How can you have a 27.4 GB VIDEO_TS folder. The maximum I'm aware of is the just-under 8 GB size that fits a dual-layer DVD. Popcorn is designed to compress most (but not all) dual-layer-sized VIDEO_TS folders to a single-layer disc. It simply cannot handle something as large as yours. There are even situations where it can't handle a DL-sized source. That's when the video already is very highly compressed so there isn't much more that can be removed or when the DVD has uncompressed PCM audio that takes up so much space on a SL disc there isn't enough room for much video.


How many hours of video are in that VIDEO_TS folder? Do you have any idea what was used to create it?

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