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Show List Suddenly Empty?


TiVo Transfer was in the middle of copying an episode of Fringe to my computer when I noticed the "Active Transfers" in the sidebar didn't have the 1 next to it anymore, but I knew not enough time had elapsed for it to copy. So I look in the Recordings, and sure enough it's not there so I think to myself hmm that's weird guess I'll just start it again. But when I clicked on the tivo in the sidebar, the show list was empty. Ten minutes earlier it had all my stuff in it, now it's empty.


I did all the troubleshooting steps (well except for the last three because they don't apply to me) in the troubleshooting sticky in this forum, but my show list is still empty.


Anyone have any ideas what I can do? :/



edit: nevermind i restarted the tivo a second time and that fixed it. :)

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