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Moving Projects From Dvdit Pro Hd To Avid Dvd


When moving projects over from DVDitPro HD to Avid DVD on a new machine I get the missing 267 files Locate Cancel Delete prompt. Selecting locate and pointing to the first missing files (Navigation buttons that are in a different file location due to the new name of the product and OS upgrade from Win XP to Win7-64), causes what looks like opening up of the 267 files, but the end result is an untitled project with none of the elemements of the old project. Selecting Cancel leads to having to do it 237 time and selecting Delete opens up the file but missing the 267 elements. Is there anyway I can save the project with a condsalidate all the links to one location option or place them all in one location (such as the sources sub directory located in the directory the project file resides) to be able to transfer the project over?

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