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Sound Editor 2012


Hello, I've searched the forums with no success, with one exception my Post in Roxio 2011 forum, in trying to find any answer to why when I make a mixed track, it works fine in the actual Roxio Sound Editor, but after I export the track, it has pops and glitches, and skips.


I can build a mix in Sound Editor just fine, play the mix back, in Sound Editor and it plays flawlessly. However after I export my mix it, it has pops and glitches, and skips. These audio anomalies are identical in any player (iTunes, Media Player, etc.) Also if I take the mix to another computer without Roxio, results are the same? Just to clarify it is when you layer. For example: song in Layer1, Sound effects in Layer 2 then Export Mix


I have mixed tracks before in previous version Roxio Creator 2009 flawlessly.




  • Source files are all WAV files are from Commercial CD's (Music and Sound Effects)
  • The WAV files are clean before (outside) and inside the sound editor. I can play the song, and all the clips individually cleanly both inside the Sound Editor and outside.
  • Roxio Creator 2012 Pro (retail) Sound Editor
  • Export Mix is the command used in the Sound Editor
  • Followed all the pre and post installation process outlined for 2012.
  • All Window and PC drivers and software is current.
  • No other Roxio products are installed.
  • As a side note I tried another program A*****y and the layering worked perfectly?

Thank you in advance.

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