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Multi-Disc Burn Fails To Complete


I have just installed Roxio Creator 2012 SE version on my Windows 7 system. I then proceeded to back up one of my secondary hard drives.


The following describes steps taken:


1. I used the main Roxio Creator program that brings up a display showing a palette of selections.

2. I clicked on Data-Copy at the top of the left side menu of choices.

3. From the "Data-Copy" display I clicked on "Burn Data Disc - Advanced". This brings up the "Roxio Creator Classic".

4. Under "SelectSource" I chose the secondary drive then highlighted all the folders that I wished to back up.

5. I clicked on the highlighted folders and drug them down into the "Data Disc Project" window.

6. I renamed the project.

7. I selected "DVD 4.7 GB" in the "Disc Size:" window.

8. I then clicked on the "Burn" icon.

9. In the Estimated Project Size: window it told me that I needed 4 DVD's and that the #4 DVD would need 4.4GB.

10. I had chosen under "Project Setting" to do UDF102 file system; Joliet Bridge; Validate source files before recording; and, Do not split files in multi-disc projects.

11. After clicking on "Burn", Roxio proceeded to do the "Validation" and as it ran into file names greater than 128, I truncated the names as they occurred.


When Roxio was 98% done with the Validation it came up with an "Unknown error" and a message saying is could not open a file. There was nothing in the error window or the "more information" drop down window that told me what file it could not open. So I clicked on the "OK" and it stopped. I then clicked on the "Burn" button and it immediately started the "writing" stage of putting files on "Disc 1 of 4".


All went well until it got to "Disc 4". The message was to label "Disc 3" and insert next disc labeled "4 of 4". I did that and then clicked on the "OK". After a few seconds it popped the disc back out and the message that came up and suggested that I insert a double-sided DVD media to perform the next operation.


I do not have double-sided media or burner so I could not do that.


I then aborted the burn process.


I stuck "Disc 3 of 4" in to see where it left off and it was completely blank, meaning nothing had been written to that disc.


I stuck "Disc 2 of 4" in and it had a full disc of files and from that I saw where the last area was written.


I then proceeded in single-disc burn mode. I selected and pasted folders to be burned from the "Select Source" window to the "Data Disc Project" window.


All went well but I no longer had multi-disc backup.


I know from past experience that Roxio does not use the full 4.7GB for backing up files. It always seemed to need somewhere around 200MB of space for proper termination of the write to occur.


Anyone else run into this problem?


Thanks in advance for any advice someone might have.

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Generally speaking this feature of Creator Classic has never worked well since it was added :huh:


I would never use the ;Joliet Bridge' as that will then restrict File Names, as you encountered...


If you have some DVD RW disc (erasable) I would try using Burn Data Disc, with the options set to ISO Level 2. This application has proven more reliable and robust than Creator Classic.


post-39730-063089600 1326371331.jpg


Give it a try and post back so we know how you made out ;)

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