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Hello -


I have installed Roxio Creator 12 under Windows Home 7 X64 on an AMD Athlon II Quadcore processor. Had a Verto GT240 video card installed as well. Install of the program went fine. If I go to Video Capture and then attempt to browse and change the folder to another drive (instead of C:), it would hang and then Windows BSOD upon exit. Given I have had other issues with the GT240, went ahead and removed, then re-installed RC 12. Now, browse hangs the computer; but, can close the offending window - or CTRL ALT DEL to exit the program. BSOD issue appears to have gone away.


Kind of rough capturing to C:, then having to copy the file again after capture to where I need for it to be stored/archived.



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What is "Roxio Creator 12"??? If you mean Creator 2012, then why post in the Creator 2011 Forums? (if that is what you have, we can move the posting ;) )


Never had any problem capturing to any drive, internal or external? What are you capturing from?


Irregardless, I would:


Do the
to the letter!


Then start the install of the Suite, only pick
when it is offered.

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