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Updating Data Disc


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How do I add new data to a disc without erasing the existing data on the disc?


Your current disc had to be made with these options first.


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In practice, if you don't know how the disc was made but it has enough room for the extra data, try this:





-Insert the disc in your burner and in the Home menu click on Data-Copy > Burn Data Disc.

-If Creator 2009 can write more data, you'll get a message box like this:


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-Click on "Yes" and the current contents of the disc will appear in your Burn Data Disc project.

-If your disc is a CDR or DVDR rather than RW, make sure you set the burn options how Cdanteek showed.

-ADD your new data to the project, and then click the green Go button to burn the disc.


Data previously on the disc don't get burned again, they're just listed in your burn project so the new table of contents shows both the new files and the old files on the disc.





If Creator 2009 doesn't give you that "Appendable" message you'll need to copy the old data to your hard drive, erase and re-use the disc if it's rewriteable or discard it if it's a write-once disc. Then burn a new disc holding both the new and old data.





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