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Johnboy Wilson

Help! Am I Burning Hd Blurays Or Sd?




I'm relatively new to DVDit Pro HD and need some simple advice. I am cutting in Avid Media Composer v5.0 and exporting Quicktime Reference Files referencing 1080p/25 footage. I then need to create DVD (SD) and Bluray (HD) copies. First of all I burnt the DVDs and everything worked perfectly. So my next job is to burn the HD bluray copies. I go back into the same project and at the bottom left of the screen change my disc option to BD-25 and then insert a blank BD-25 disc into the bluray burner. The remaining space on the disc is 20.3gb meaning that the content on the disc is taking up 4.7gb. When I burnt the DVD it took up the full DVD - 4.7gb. This makes me think that DVDit is going to burn the same SD version but to a bluray. I've tried changing the settings under file>project settings>HD transcoding but this doesn't seem to effect the amount of data that is going to be written to disc which is shown in the very bottom left of DVDit.


Do I have to tell DVDit that I want it to be HD. I can't seem to find a way of knowing for sure that what will be produced will be HD. My original footage is definitely HD.





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Please see DVit! HD Pro's manual, page 42: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/14112-dvdit-manual/

I edit with Edius 6.0.6 and I export HD video and audio files according the settings before I choose at DVDit! HD Pro (manual, page 42: 24p, 25i, and so on). I import the files to DVDit! HD Pro and I do Blu-ray authoring and I burn my Blu-ray disk.

If I want also a DVD I change to DVD and DVDit! HD Pro transcode my files to SD and I can burn my DVD disk.

You must do the same!

DVDit! don't do the upscalling for SD files to HD but it do very well the downscalling HD to SD!!!

Please see also Correcting the incorrect folder structure created by DVDit Pro HD 6.4 at:




Good luck!!!

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