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Creating Overlays




I am a first time video editor and first time Roxio user so my apologies if this seems fairly basic. I have been going over the forum and I can't seem to find a solution as to how to create an overlay. I can see how to add overlays using the pre-loaded options but how to I put an overlay in the "custom" area? Ultimately I want to split screen my video and have two videos playing side by side but to do that (as I have been reading in previous posts) I need to use one of the videos in the main area another in the overlay area. Problem is I don't know how to put a video as an overlay.


Any help is appreciated!

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That is not a 'basic' question by any means :lol:


Although Overlays can be moved, it usually works best if they are placed where you want them in Timeline by putting the scrubber at that point and clicking Add Photo/Video:


post-39730-077617400 1330510731.jpg


When you click OK, you get a choice of WHERE you want it to go! I picked an Internal Track:


post-39730-015290600 1330510735.jpg


The advantage of that is that it is locked to that point in the clip it is part of. If you Split and Delete ahead of it, it will automatically move and stay locked to the internal timeline of the clip. - there are advantages to doing it both ways ;)


Now I went a little advanced here and chose to use the chroma key to make the green area transparent:


post-39730-043663300 1330510738.jpg


and moved the Overlay to the left a little to give me a PIP (picture in picture) effect:


post-39730-063427900 1330510741.jpg


This is kind of a quick demo but Karri & Steve have both produced some videos about VideoWave that are defiantly worth the time to review!


Steve's -


Karri's -

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