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Advertising On My Youtube Channel


Hi Roxio,


I'm as far as you know Crono but I am here to make a deal. I will advertise during videos on my channel if you 1.Supply me with one Roxio

game capture per month to give away every one hundred subscribers and 2. I would get one for free.


Pros of this deal-

Free winners and people watching my videos will see your advertisement and will check out your site.

Video watchers will see the quality if my videos and want to buy one of your capture cards or more Roxio Products.


Cons of this deal-

Free winners and me would not have to pay for our game cards.


Here's a link to my youtube channel:



Email me back at this address:



Or just reply to this post


Thank you






Noah Crouch

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This is a user-populated support board for Roxio products, not a place for advertisements or a venue for commercial proposals.


If you wish to contact Rovi Corporation, the owners of the Roxio brand, please contact them personally through one of the contact addresses listed at www.rovicorp.com


Thank You,


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