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No Video Signal


I just purchased Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus at a retailer. I have tried to install it on 2 different computers and it will not work. The program starts but always displays the message “No Video Signal.”


I am running a Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit desktop and laptop, both have full updates and the hardware meets and exceeds the system requirements on the package.


I downloaded the USB video capture driver and tried to install it but was given a message stating my system does not require the driver.


Tried using the compatibility wizard to run the program in Windows XP, no change.


Please advise!


The desktop system is:


AMD FX 8core cpu running 3.4GHz

ATI HD6870 gpu


500Gb HDD with over 300Gb free

Blu-Ray read write/drive & an LG DVD read/write drive.

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it Absolutly will not work in compatability mode!!!!!!


In fact, VERY few things will :huh: That was put in Win7 so that users of high end ($) MS Products could use them, but it rarely works beyond that...


It is most unlikely that it isn't working after installing it on 2 seperate PCs. Although with compatibility mode, it isn't going to work :(


You need to uninstall that mess, reboot and without the USB Device plugged in, install the software normally.


ONLY then do you plug in the USB Device!


Give that a try and let us know ;)

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Don't know what I did wrong the first time, but re-installing did the trick!


Thanks for the tip.


Only issue I see now is a dialog box that say the program has stopped responding and wants to check online, yada yada....

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