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Sonic Cineplayer Decoder Pack



First, my apologies if this post already exists - I couldn't find anything related.


When I open my Pics and Video on my Dell XPS400 pc, I am getting a small window that 'Sonic Cineplayer Decoder Pack' is trying to install. It goes through several menus before it finally gives up. The problem is, it completely zaps the memory nearly freezing everything up when it opens...every single time I open a pic or video.

I started with Creator 9 and moved to 11 and since I uninstalled 9, this problem has been occuring. I've gone into Control Panel to remove it but all I see is Creator 11.

I tried going into C:Program Files myself. I see Creator 11 and another folder called Roxio. I tried deleting Roxio folder but I get a message that I don't have permission to delete a file called 'AS_Storage_w32.dll.'


How can I prevent 'Sonic Cineplayer Decoder Pack' from making me want to throw my computer with great force?



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