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Mgi Photosuite 4 Platinum Edition And Windows 7

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This is for all the users of Photosuite 4 like me who still use this software. Still my favorite program for quick editing of pics.

I installed Photosuite on Win7 with no problems and used it for over six months without an issue. Suddenly it wouldn't work.

It would open but you would be unable to see anything, to load or start a new graphic. I went through all the issues with Win 7 and tried

changing "run as admin" and all the other work arounds suggested, to no avail. Finally read that IE is important for this software to work.

So I looked in my Windows Updates and discovered that IE10 update had been recently installled. I uninstalled this update and

Photosuite 4 works again.


To sum, go to Windows Updates, on the left click on View Update History, on the top, click on Installed Updates. Find

IE10 update and uninstall by selecting, right click and then Uninstall.


You're welcome.

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Tonight I am ready to install Roxio MGI PhotoSuite Platium Edition. For the same reason it is quick and easy to manipulate pictures. Thanks for the information about Windows 10 Updates.

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