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Tony Jeyes

Driver Issues

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I had an old version of Easy CD Creator. Got a computer a few years ago with Windows XP. Tried installing on my new (at the time) machine and it would not instal because verdion was not compatible with XP. For years now whenever I load up I get warning message saying windows has failed to load Easy to protect system. Cannot see anything anywhere that suggests Easy CD is there but start up is obviously finding something. Any ideas how to remove whatever it is that is giving this warning message? Thanks. Tony

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Hello Tony,


Try Roxizap from the pinned post of the same name at the top of this forum. It's a brute-force uninstaller for ECDC4 and 5, and it should remove whatever remains are still in there causing a problem.


ECDC 5 can be installed in XP - you just ignore the compatibility warning.




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