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  4. RayPaula

    Toast 18 Pro Backup?

    I want to get Toast 18 Pro but......... What's with the 2 year Insurance & $16.00 backup disc? Seriously?? $120.00 software and Roxio won't give me a download key if I crash?
  5. JMcCon57

    Sound Editor

    I don't have speakers connected to this setup. Laptop PC with Creative external card. Headphones out of the card headphone jack. As far as audio goes, this rig is strictly for needledropping, but I do need to monitor as I go. Something as simple as the A/C cutting on can cause a "bump" in the sound of the recording. But more to your question, that was also disabled by default. Not sure why...….
  6. cdanteek

    Sound Editor

    Why don't your speakers connect to your line in on the sound card? If they do why is it disabled with a red X?
  7. JMcCon57

    Sound Editor

    To answer REDWAGON, I wish I could avoid using it, but I haven't found a way to be able to monitor the record without it. If I use just "what u hear", what I hear is nothing. To answer CDANTEEK, I've attached 3 jpegs..it seems to come with the latest drivers for the X-fi with phono preamp. If you look at the top jpeg, on the far right is the Mic/Line/Phono In. By default it is disabled. If I don't go in and open the EC and enable that setting, I will hear nothing through my headphones. When enabled it can be good, or it can behave pretty strangely....like muting only PART of a channel....I have to toggle back and forth with enable/disable, and after that tango it will clear up. The other jpeg shows the EC choices....you have to click on the mixer to get to the top jpeg. The other is just the Windows 10 menu options for Creative. Please, if there is a way to monitor the recording without going through this, let me know. Thing is, it comes with the driver package, and seems to be the only way to control the external card, or at least to monitor it. .

    Sound Editor

    wondering why using the intertainment console at all ?? just use the "what you hear" port with the speakers and start the record just before actual audio starts and the stop the recording a few seconds after the end of then audio then just go to the "sound editor" option and there do all the editing you want ????
  9. cdanteek

    Sound Editor

    Could you post a .jpg of that ' Creative Entertainment Console ' I don't have one named that way? I have a ' Creative Console Launcher '?
  10. JMcCon57

    Sound Editor

    It does show "What U Hear", but no matter what I try, it seems to still be tied to the Creative Entertainment Console, and it's Phono In. I've deleted all the Creative software and drivers and reinstalled, but same result. Good news, at least for now, it seems to be recording clearly what's coming off the record. Fingers crossed.
  11. cdanteek

    Sound Editor

    Highlight 'What U Hear' click the down arrow next to 'Set Default' Set it as the default device. Open Roxio Easy Audio Capture and does it show 'What U Hear' available for capture?
  12. JMcCon57

    Sound Editor

    Here's what I have under the playback and recording tabs...I'll have to look for Roxio Easy Audio Capture.
  13. mcrdesign@mindspring.com

    Issues with Catalina 10.15.1

    It seems I was able to install Toast 18 (update) without issues, but the app will launch, but shut down before getting to main screen. Please let us know as soon as there is a fix for this 10.15.1 issue. (I've noticed that 10.15.1 has difficulty 'remembering' passwords for some apps. IF it helps any!) Thanks, Matt R.
  14. purple_hot_wheels

    Remove camera flash from video

    I know there are non Roxio tools out there to remove camera flash from a video. Just curious as to if Video Wave also offers this feature?
  15. cdanteek

    Sound Editor

    What options do you show under the recording tab?
  16. JMcCon57

    Sound Editor

    I've gotten over a few hurdles with the hardware...at least I think. I've been able to complete some rips. Weird things going on though. I have to go through "Creative Entertainment Console" in order to monitor what's coming through the external card and into the Roxio Sound Editor. I'm not sure that these two play well together without some coaxing, and even then it's kind of hit and miss. Roxio takes FOREVER to load and that didn't used to be a problem. When I open the "console", I don't get the full sound of each channel.....I have to disable/enable the phono in monitor, and after doing that a few times, the sound opens up. That's why I was asking if there were any updates to Sound Editor in NXT7...thinking maybe it would get rid of the problem. I'd like to avoid using the "console" if possible, but I don't see where in Roxio to enable monitoring of the phono in through headphones. All I hear is nothing when I try that. Sorry for the long response.

    Sound Editor

    Is this the similar problem you posted in the nXT5 forum ? Not sure how many of our group are still running NXT5 so to answer your question I'm not sure if the NXT5 Sound Editor is the same as NXT7 ? I have not noticed any big changes in the program (sound editor) over time.
  18. BoBoMax

    Toast18Pro on iMac OS10.12 ?

    Considering purchasing and downloading Toast 18 Pro onto my old iMac 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo running OS10.12 Sierra. Toast 18 advertised features state "optimized for Mac OS Catalina 10.15".......... Question: Which Toast 18 Pro functions will I risk loosing (if any) if I cannot achieve the OS10.15 operating system on this old iMac. ? Background: I currently use Final Cut Pro 10.7 on this iMac after booting down to Snow Leopard 10.6.8, ... and am pleased with this FCP Mac software. Maybe I should stay where I am? Thanks in advance, BoBoMax
  19. JMcCon57

    Sound Editor

    I currently use NXT Pro 5. The only thing I really do with it is rip vinyl. I go through an external SoundBlaster card/phono pre amp. My question is: Is anything with Sound Editor changed with NXT Pro 7? I've used this program going back to before it was Roxio, and it seems that Sound Editor never really gets an update. Thanks!
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  21. JMcCon57

    Ripping Vinyl...No Audio

    Thanks for the reply Redwagon. I'll give that a shot when I'm back at my PC.

    Ripping Vinyl...No Audio

    Check this---The audio cable from my speakers are connected to the "What you hear" port on my sound card. I use the program NXT 7 Pro. I go to the "Music and audio" program and when there I click on "Capture audio from sound card". Once that starts I start the audio file I want to capture and then click on "Record". Whe funished I click on edit in the sound editor feature and the click on save for that capture. Save it to my desktop and that's it. Your NXT 5 pro should have pretty much the same features. I am not running it so not sure if each setting is exactly the same but should be very similar.
  23. Snowbelt Spyder

    Most Toast 16 Titanium Issues Fixed (READ THIS)!

    Just wanted to add one more file to the above list. Open Finder and navigate to ~/Library/Caches Look for the file "com.roxio.Toast", and any other roxio related files in that Caches folder. Trash that file. Empty trash and reboot. Like Preference files, Cache files are regenerated the next time the application launches. You can use this fix for issues with other apps as well.
  24. I disabble the webcam... No Video Signal.
  25. Brendon

    8004520c Error while Encoding movie

    Thank you James Haven, but you failed to tell us what version of Creator this works for? What version are you running under Windows 10?
  26. Yes, disable the webcam.
  27. Post Pro

    Toast 18 Pro will not burn work

    This is still a problem in Toast 18 Pro. All versions of 422 MOV files have worked in the past. It worked once when I upgraded to Toast Pro 18 and since then has failed to work. There's no reason a compressed codec such as 264 should work while a 422 file shows up on the Toast menu AND functions properly but shows up as only 904kb in the "on disc" menu. We've done the delete & reinstall "solution" but it is still not functioning. What's up Roxio? Here's the screenshot of what most of us are seeing. How about a real fix?
  28. Thank you for trying cdantec, Could you suggest a forum or someone who can help me in this area. For my part, I looked at several forums, looking for information on the difficulties that this program brings me on Windows 10 but I found nothing. I just thought, my Kaspersky Total Security AV advised me to turn off my Webb camera ... Could it be that this simple gesture could cause this video capture failure? I have often read this question asked on other post in the Roxio group. Can there be a relationship between the two ??? It says {deny webcam access to all applications} Vautour
  29. bimicher

    Burning trouble

    A 4.7GB DVD can only hold about 60 minutes of best quality video. You can get just under 2 hours on a DVD but the video quality will be greatly reduced and almost unwatchable especially if fro low quality VHS video
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