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  2. Feedingfrenzy91

    Can't sign into Youtube

    When I try to livestream and have to sign into my youtube account the message from google says " This browser or app may not be secure. Learn more Try using a different browser. If you’re already using a supported browser, you can try again to sign in." So I'm unable to livestream. God bless everyone.
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  4. Mishapr

    Cant Open Video Editing Software

    Thanks for the thread. I had the same problem and needed to edit a video ungently so I used an online video editor.
  5. Roxio's software is always supposed to be installed to an administrator account.
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  7. Dear sirs, resuming a VIDEOWAVE project (i.e.: Storie2021.dmsm) today after a few weeks, I have noticed that the sound in the various audio tracks is not working. There is no audio. The problem does not occur if I export the project to an MP4 video file. The audio works perfectly. Moreover, by clicking on 'Music' or 'Audio' in the tracks the following message comes up "No audio or original audio effect for the selection" (see attached file) instead of the usual UI graphics dedicated to the audio management. Some weeks ago, the project was not any trouble. I cannot understand what happened. I have uninstall e install again Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3, but without result. May you help me? (sorry, I know, the programm is an old edition, but it is importante for me now) Thanks for your attention and best regards. P.S.: s.o.: Wiundows 10 64bit
  8. TRoutMac

    Capacity Problem with Toast DVD

    Greetings, all. Hoping someone can help me sort this out. I am trying to burn a master DVD which will consist of three separate videos that are 52 minutes, 66 minutes and 67 minutes long for a total of 3 hrs, 6 minutes of video. I have compressed the three (720p) videos using Handbrake so that the three files TOTAL about 2.8 GB. I'm using standard 4.7GB DVD-R discs and I'm on a Mac Pro desktop running the Mojave OS. Toast will not burn these three videos onto a single DVD, says that the video exceeds the capacity of the disc. How can I get around this and get all three of these vids onto a single disc? I'm using Toast DVD currently, would my problem be solved if I upgraded to Toast 19 Titanium or other product? Thank you!
  9. Thanks, Nikongt. I had hoped that your answers would show that you had a number of clips and one of them was breaking ECD&DVD Burning 2, because that's fairly easy to fix. However that wasn't the case. It has worked once, so something (Windows 10 updates?) has broken it. I haven't seen anyone else reporting MyDVD just vanishing like that, so I don't have an instant fix for it. We here aren't Roxio employees, so please feel free to try Roxio Support HERE in case they can help you. If Support haven't seen this problem before I think your best solution is likely to be, turn off your AntiVirus and Firewall and (1) reinstall the suite, or (2) do a repair install, then turn on AV and Firewall again and try the program. A reinstall is usually the easiest, but Roxio will only let you use your key 20 times and then you have to ask Support to reset it. A repair doesn't count, but your installer files have to be in the same position they were when you first installed (the path is saved) and it gets complicated if they aren't there. I can give further help and details for repair if you want. Regards, Brendon
  10. Thanks for the reply. I hope this helps 1. yes MyDVD Build 2. yes it was fine 3. MyDVD Build closes no error 4. it doesn't no error it just closes and nothing 5. Windows 10 pro, 1 clips, 2 chapters
  11. Nikongt, [1] Which program in CD and DVD Burning 2 are you actually using? Roxio Burn 4 won't do any of the creating you describe, so I must guess it's actually MyDVD Build Is that correct? [2] Did you Preview your project before trying to save or burn it? How did the preview go? [3] When you click on Burn or Save Project to an ISO Image you say the program closes. Does the whole Roxio program - The Main Menu and MyDVD - just disappear immediately without an error message, or does MyDVD try to start the operation and show you a graphic something like this? [4] If it tries to start, how far (percentage) does it get before it fails, and what error text does it display? Just the text is needed, not the error number. [5] Which Operating System are you using, and how many film clips are in your project? If you will answer those 5 questions we may be able to get a better idea of what's happening, so we can help you. Thanks. Brendon
  12. So I can created a DVD but when I click on burn the program closes. I also tried saving it as an ISO file but it does the same thing. I got it to work once when I first got the program. Now when I need it again it does this. Any ideas? Roxio Burn 4.0 Version
  13. Thanks for all the effort. I was afraid that a VM would be an issue with the extra layer of the host OS having the real drivers. I think Parallels has a better chance than VMware. We'll see. I'll get around to trying this or maybe even pull an old PC out of the basement, add a HD, load XP and see what happens. It might be awhile so don't stay up late waiting.
  14. So what do you have at 5:01:21 that is causing the program to crash? When I create a project, I always do it in segments ,never a full blown project that is 10 minutes or longer. I add an item or two (video,audio, transition, etc) and to a test render before adding more. That way I can immediately see what is causing the problem. Smaller segments that have rendered without problems, can easily be "merged" for the final product. Also using videos from different devices often cause problems since they may have different properties (such as variable frame rates, etc) whci the program may not accept. This problem exists for other video programs as well. I don't understand what Photo Edit is supposed to do
  15. just ran through paces in Photo Edit, without incident; crashes are definitely in VideoWave
  16. Sample of my latest using NXT4, easiest way to describe what I do https://youtu.be/c6BAV07R-Fg
  17. Pappa Bruce used to assit, but haven't seen him in a while, honestly haven't needed assistance until I decided to update Roxio ... big mistake
  18. Starting a new project [my 20+, been using for years, posted multiple travel videos on YouTube] and found NXT4 stable but rather than reinstall [will need to call and get reauthorized] I downloaded NXT8, after NXT7 continued to crash. Project is multiple formats: Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 [PL 12-60mm f/2.8-f/4], Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 [OM-D 12-100mm f/4] & iPhone Xr, typically audio is separated video sound & add to sound effects along with music, text inserted multiple ways using Internal tracks or on timeline crawling, scrolling or fading. Sadly I can't get beyond length of 5:01.21 and my travel videos run from 10-20min depending on the story. Sometimes I get the Runtime Error Program ... Files (x86) Roxio Creator NXT 8\VideoUI\VideoWave.exe, but can be inconsistent just inserting a still jpeg or insering a png on an internal track
  19. willsfamily4

    problems with toast what is alternative

    I use FCPX and Toast. Been using Toast since Final Cut Pro 6 or so. I have been having problems with Toast 19 and Big Sur. What alternative software has anyone else found? I am looking for best case scenario one that you can add chapter markers like you could in DVD Studio Pro. Anyone with a solution? It has only been working correctly with the "Classic Mode" because chapter markers are not showing on the first page of sub menus. Secondly, it is having frequent write errors for some reason. Thanks for your advice.
  20. willsfamily4

    Do you limit speed or choose on BluRay

    When creating and/or disc copying a bluray do you slow down the speed so that it will be a better quality burn? I am doing 1920x1080p Thanks.
  21. I am having the same problem, a problem detecting file size in 'Updated' mode, but in 'Classic' mode it works just fine. This is for a regular mpg file. The mac file system has it at about 4gb, which would fit on my disc. But the 'Updated' mode in Toast 19 reads it as 5.7gb, so it complains my file 'exceeds capacity' of the disk, and won't load it. But in 'Classic' mode, it sees the true file size just fine, and even writes the disk successfully. So for me, with Roxio's clearly hosed customer service model, I'm just going back to Nero. A bit retro, yes, but so much better. But wait, that's not on Mac. True, but I use Parallels, so I can do it on my virtual Windows machine, on my Mac. Problems solved. Sad though. I really wanted a less complicated, all-Mac solution. Update: So the Nero/Parallels scenario doesn't work all that well either. The DVD writer is read-only in Parallels, which sucks. So my new workflow is to start up Parallels, customize the DVD content and output to a video_ts folder using Nero (because I still prefer the Nero authoring environment), then I go back to Big Sur on the Mac and use Toast 19 to burn the video_ts folder. Ugh. Too much back and forth. But it works. New Update: So now I just got my DVD drive to burn the video directly from Nero running under Parallels, without any help from Toast 19 at all. Now I'm feeling like I spent a pile of money with Roxio and got nothing for it. Sigh. Live and learn.
  22. tbrewst

    Convert Video Capture .mov file to .mp4

    I don't use a Mac but a quick search brings up this. Sorry if that originally sounded condescending.
  23. Hi Moper, To try your suggestion out I installed a VirtualBox VM running XP and the original Roxio software, and using the host optical drive. This happily read the two CDs I 'ejected' to ISO and UDF formats, but wouldn't even acknowledge the presence of my new 'left open' CD, let alone read it. Creator 6 and D2D use my burner when I really boot in XP, but they don't recognize it in the VM. I think VirtualBox must use its own CD interface rather than the XP interface which has Roxio's D2D filters loaded. So it won't work for me, but who knows what might happen in the iMac where you're running two simulators - Parallels and the VM. We have a local saying here which might apply: "Could be worth a crack, Nigel". Perhaps it's worth a try. If all else fails, and if your burned files are worth risking your cash, there are always the excellent ISOBuster and CDRoller to choose from after first trying them on the discs. Please do let us know how you get on.
  24. No idea what your problem is since you have not supplied any useful information. How about telling us what you are doing, something about your project, at what point does the error occur, etc?
  25. Runtime Error Program ... Files (x86) Roxio Creator NXT 8\VideoUI\VideoWave.exe This is not a hardware issue running on DELL XPS 8940, Processor: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-11700 @ 2.50GHz 2.50 GHzRAM:32.0 GB (31.7 GB usable) and GeFroce RTX 2060 Super 8GB GDDR6.
  26. I have converted over 100 VHS tapes to digital using Roxio Video Capture on my MacBook Pro. However, the files are all .mov format. That form at is not as universal as .mp4 and I would like to convert the format for a number of the digital files. Is there a way the Roxio software can do this for me? If not, is there an easy way to do this on my Mac? Thanks
  27. Hi, so.. I've had my Gamecap HD Pro for a few months now, and I've never been able to get it to work. I went through extensive troubleshooting back when I first got it, but eventually gave up. Fast forward to early today, I tried to get it working once more, no luck. I've read just about every forum post regarding my issues, tried multiple solutions, different cables, different video sources, yet I'm still here at square one, so off I go to begrudgingly make a forum post about my issues. My hardware is a 13" 2015 MacBook Pro, running Windows 10 Home via Bootcamp, HAC-001 Nintendo Switch (The video source), and the aforementioned Roxio Gamecap HD Pro. My HD Pro did NOT come with the installation CD, in addition to me not owning a device with a CD drive capable of running Windows 10 or a Linux distrobution, so I had to install the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro software via the Service Pack 2.0 drivers (Sidenote, I find it very odd that the only available download for said software on their website is out of date. But I digress). My problems are as such: Green "No signal" (occasionally), red "No signal," (this has been the case every instance I haven't seen the green "No signal"), HDMI out causes TV to flip through resolutions and refresh rates without a picture ever appearing, and what appears to be a portrait mode image of a blue screen with a thick black horizontal line on the bottom portion inside the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro software. I can provide screenshots and pictures of anything needed. I really hope I don't have a faulty unit, as I received my Gamecap HD Pro as a gift. Hope I didn't give too little information or post in the wrong place. Thank you to anyone who sees this!
  28. Brendon should stop by later, a time zone thing. I have used ISOBuster for years, good stuff, try the trial and see what it shows then you make the decision to buy it or not.
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