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  2. I set up a video for a dual-layer DVD. Toast 17 says 7.6GB used and about 300MB still available. When creating a disc image, it turns out to be over 9GB. It won't burn directly to a disc either because of the size. Why is toast off the mark?
  3. JJDVS

    16:9 menu stuck with 4:3 highlights

    Reverting a 16:9 menu selection to a 4:3 menu produces correct alignment of the menu highlights.
  4. Using Toast Titanium 17 on a Mac. I burned a DVD with a 16:9 menu. The menu image turned out 16:9, but the highlights appear rendered in 4:3, so they don't align with the menu icons. The highlight circle on the forward/backward buttons appears well below the button image. Is this fixed in Toast 18?
  5. Last week
  6. Steve B F

    How to remove intro video panel.

    Just an update, iDVD font/colour etc all adjustable. Shame I have to go back 10 years to my Mac mini and old software to do what I expect Toast to do.
  7. CaptainGoffy

    Trying to Burn Disc Image to DVD-"Nothing To Record" ?

    My solution was to burn this image using the Mac's BURN software ! Right click on the Disc Image icon and choose the option "Burn to disc"-so I used Toast to create it but Burn to burn it....
  8. TheOneAndOnlyRAO

    Crop Video Sides

    Simple hack I just learned: 1. Use any broadcasting software (OBS, Streamlabs) 2. Window capture the video you want. 3. Resize the video so that only the part you want fills the screen, along with open space on one side or the other (make sure the aspect ratio of your screen and your window are the same). 4. Record the video from the broadcasting software. 5. Repeat step 2. 6. Repeat step 3, leaving space on the same side as the first video. 7. Repeat step 4. 8. Overlay one over the other so that the free space of the first is take up by the focus of the second.
  9. GlasgowCraig

    Toast Fails Everytime At Writing Lead Out

    I know this is many years later, but stopping "verify data" also fixed this for me. Problem started with a dodgy disc. It's gone since I altered that. Thanks!
  10. Gar1138

    Error code: 301989883

    I hope I can continue with this thread even though it's been a year since I originally posted my problem. To answer your original questions did you look at real I am running a Mac with what was at the time the most up-to-date Mac software no emulators and I'm not working on any servers everything was local within the internal hard drive of the computer. I'll file types are all the exact same file types no mismatches of anything. I believe I may have narrow down the problem arises when I try to have more than one video on a DVD regardless of its file size. I honestly just figured this out today as I have come up with the same exact problem again and I am now on a much newer computer again all the most updated Mac everything. And all working locally with all the same file types. Specifically I'm now on a MacBook Pro 2019 running Catalina 10.15.6 In the video files I am working with all mp4. Rendered at H.264 720p. I've made multiple attempts today to burn a DVD and I've been getting this same error code that I got a year ago over and over again. It wasn't until I attempted to burn a DVD that just had a one minute single video on the DVD that it actually worked. As soon as I try to put a second video on the DVD it fails. This happens even if the second video is a copy of the first with a slightly different name. Again these are file sizes that are just a couple megabytes and they are all Saved on my desktop (No servers have ever been in use). I should note. Since my initial inquiry about this problem I have successfully burned a couple dozen DVDs using the exact same formula of rendering that I'm using now, however each of those times I was only ever putting one video on a DVD. I also found that I'm only able to burn a successful DVD using My DVD Pro. Toast Titanium 17 would burn a desk but would always have a heavily distorted video on playback. I tried literally every single codec adobe offers and they would all come out unusable. My DVD Pro is literally the only program that I know I can use on a Mac to burn DVDs. If I knew of another option I would take it in a heartbeat. Any help would be extremely appreciated as I very much do need to make a DVD that has Three separate videos on it. Thank you.
  11. Walstib

    VideoWave audio distorts after splitting track

    This is ridiculous. I recently purchased the software and when I burn DVD video I have the same problem. When I get about halfway thru the audio gets static and after a while u can't make out any of the audio. Apparently this problem has been going on for a couple of years. How is that possible. Please fix this problem!!!
  12. John Feinberg,Montclair NJ

    Live Screen Capture not capturing native audio since upgrading to Mojave

    I am having the same problem. I bought Toast 18 hoping to be able to record on-screen video with system audio. On-screen video recording works, but I do not have the option to record on-screen audio.
  13. Steve B F

    How to remove intro video panel.

    Having a bad day..... got my three videos and text/backgroung sorted gone to write it but it says it's writing but the disk is still blank!!! any ideas? It goes through the motions of writing to 100% but nothing on the disk. The disk writer works as tested it after the failures.
  14. Steve B F

    How to remove intro video panel.

    Thanks, thought so. Could be a better bit of software if a few tweaks were made.
  15. theoldarchiver

    How to remove intro video panel.

    Unfortunately, that kind of editing can’t be done with Toast’s MyDVD themes. The preview window (and its mask shape) is hardcoded by theme, as well as the text colors (and font). Select the theme that best suits your needs, or use different software to author your DVD.
  16. Steve B F

    How to remove intro video panel.

    Hi All, may be a stupid question but I have been through the help sheets and still can't find how to remove this... driving me nuts. any help please. Also is it possible to change the colour of the text? say black heading white video text.
  17. Earlier
  18. I'm able to record Fallout 4 on my Xbox one no problem but when I play kingdom hearts 3 the videos footage glitches out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2JhFDIozxg&t=22s How come it'll run most other games but cant run kingdom hearts 3?
  19. EELinneman

    Toast 18 crashing on Catalina 10.15.6

    Non operational for me also. It crashed on first start. Now, will start but no windows, no input and won't even show up doing cmd-tab to cycle through application. The doc icon is there and activity monitor shows it's running. Gone off to zombie land it seems.
  20. Brendon

    LP to MP3 ..recording level low

    Try the same solution, then.
  21. theoldarchiver

    Can anyone save a disc image for me and then send it back?

    While I haven’t tried it with Toast 18 specifically, project files (.disc) tend to work only with the same version Toast that created them. Project files have references (links) to files, not the actual data. You would need all the assets in their original location to make it work, or re-create from scratch.
  22. trimmers

    LP to MP3 ..recording level low

    also have same issue
  23. trimmers

    video games

    But sometimes for playing online games I needed some tools like no log vpn service which helps to unblock any websites or video games. Very convy during traveling to different contries where banned Minecraft.
  24. trimmers

    video games

    nintendo, minecraft.
  25. karuto

    video games

    What video games do everyone regularly playing?
  26. Usually about 5 seconds after opening Toast 18 Platinum on OS X Catalina 10.15.6 it crashes. I have done a complete uninstall and clean re-install with only the dvd player connected. What's next?
  27. JJDVS

    Why doesn't DVD compression work?

    Here's a different error message that I also get, even though compression is turned on and it says there will be about 47% compression applied:
  28. I'm using Toast 17 Titantium and High Sierra. There's an option to compress DVDs. I'd like to compress dual-layer to single-layer, but it isn't working. I get a medium sense code write error when burning to a disc. If I try to create a single-layer disc image, it doesn't compress, it ends up the same size.
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