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  2. theoldarchiver

    Internal burner for Mac OS 10.7.5 Lion/Toast 15?

    That would be a 2006 model, which is important for parts replacement. I would suggest looking at Other World Computing (Macsales.com), as they list upgrade options per Mac model. Pioneer BDR-211 lists only Windows compatibility, that I could find. That might be important for driver software, drive utilities, and firmware updates. LG WH16NS40 lists Mac OS X 10.6 or later compatibility, so that includes Lion 10.7. Seems like a good choice.
  3. theoldarchiver

    Toast 17 and 90 minutes CD

    Toast has never supported overburning to CDs. You'll need to find something else.
  4. die.go301

    the capture window closes

    did you ever find out what it was because I kinda have the same problem
  5. Hi: I purchased your ROXIO Toast Pro 17 application some time back for my 27" 5K iMac running Mohave 10.14.6. My present combination is ROXIO Toast Pro 17, version 17.4 and MyDVD Pro, Build 88. I'm trying to author BluRay discs with menus and custom backgrounds. According to your website MyDVD Pro is supposed to do that. However, when I go to the sellector at the bottom right corner of the MyDVD Pro window I only have the option to create 1.4GB DVDs, 4.7GB DVDs and 8.5GB DVDs. There is no BluRay option. I also can't find a way to replace the background by one created by me, or to insert a logo, for that matter. Is there something that I need to add to the program for it to work? Is it just an obsolete version? Or is there something misleading on your website? Just so you know, I did purchase the separate BluRay authoring plugin but that only seems to add features to Toast. Can you please clarify this for me? Thank you.
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  7. On the windows side the USB Drivers are on the software disc. I assume the mac side would be similar, kapeesh?
  8. This program has been a constant headache. I was trying to open a new project in VideoWave but when I try to add media, the program just stops working & shuts down. I tried repairing the program using the backup disc. Same thing happened. I tried looking for software updates. None for NXT Creator 7. Ideas? I can't even create a new project, much less save/edit one.
  9. sknis

    Win 10 updates and Roxio installations

    I have not had to reinstall any Roxio products because of a recent Windows update! Destroying files? None. When this happens did you try to REPAIR the Roxio installation? Tell us more about what happens. It would be a big help to post your dxdiag.exe text file )the file, not the individual lines of text)so we can perhaps see what is going on. Oh, by the way, what antivirus are you using and do you turn it off during the Windows update.
  10. I have had my computed wrecked by win10 updates since Nov. 2019. each time I have had to reinstall Creator NXT from CD I purchased,. even though I have backed up my files on MyBook 3 tb external drive. I was not aware that there was a limitation to re installation. on purchased CD. I was asissted by agent from Corel in most recent win 10 update disastor. There have been atl least 6 updates since January 2020. If I were to upgrade to newest ideation of Creator will I be penalized because win 10 keeps destroying my files and i have to reinstall.
  11. Jinker

    Roxio Genie Disc Cleaner

    Hi Brendon I've bought every version of EMC from way back when but skipped the last one because there didn't seem to be a lot different. I'm hoping they come up with something new in a 2020 version even if its a more up to date Corel programme. I can't see what much else they can do with a burning suite so it has to be the add on programmes that add the value. AS well as EMC I've always bought Nero as well and all they seem to have done over the past few years is take stuff away. (dumbed down version) I've asked for a way to include subtitles in video and its been under consideration for years and years. I don't think I'll see that. There are other programmes to use of course but that makes their decision even more strange. How hard can it be? I'm partially deaf and when I create videos I like to add one or two lines of text for my own benefit really. I live in hope.
  12. There are 2 products, one for Mac (Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac) and one for PC (Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus). Obviously the bundled software is for each respective system but is the the hardware itself actually different? I know for Mac you don't need to use Roxio's software. If I connect the USB converter to my Mac I can use iMovie or Final Cut Pro to import video as it recognizes the hardware digitizer. If I bought the PC (Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus) version could I use that hardware on my Mac and use my own software? I just want to know if there is actually any difference in the hardware? Forget the software part as that's not what I'm asking here.
  13. Brendon

    Roxio Genie Disc Cleaner

    Hi again Jinker, We were hoping Roxio might release a new version of Creator around September/October last year as usual, but they didn't do a 2019 version. In the Genie Duplicates Finder you need to tick the box of every file you want to delete. Your suggestion of 'click to keep' would be an improvement. I haven't tried to see if Ctrl-A would tick all the boxes, since NXT is on a different machine.
  14. bimicher

    Roxio Genie Disc Cleaner

    Do a google search for "free duplicate file finders" and you will get lots of hits.
  15. New install of Easy VHS to DVD for Mac SW from website, not installation disk, and latest USB converter on Catalina 10.15.5. No errors on capturing 2 hour VHS tape with RVC application (although quality is questionable). Resultant .mov file is 3.84GB on hard disk. Playing the .mov file in QT Player shows length of video to be 2:02:52.25. Importing into MyDVD application without issue and no other edits (titles, chapters) are made. Scale at the bottom of the MyDVD frame for 4.7GB disc shows "4806.29MB on disc" and "Space remaining 0.01GB" All should be good. Saving to .iso image results in a 7.19GB file, obviously too large for the 4.7GB disc. Why would the export process almost double the size of the original .mov file and exceed the sizing given at the bottom of the application screen? Thanks.
  16. Jinker

    Roxio Genie Disc Cleaner

    Hi Brendon. Thanks for replying. Its what I thought to be honest. As you say; its odd they've included a duplicate file finder. The suite is on offer to me for £39.99 which is a good deal taking into consideration its normal price. I suspect there might be a new version in the offing and as I already have Nero 2020, plus older versions of Creator I'll hang on to the money I think. I've been a bit crazy on my backup filing system and have ended up with half a dozen or more of the same files in different folders on a hard drive and need something that will allow me to delete stuff but without having to click on every file to do so (thousands). I'm hoping to find something that will discover all the duplicates but only keep one master file, deleting the rest when I'm happy to press go. If anybody out there has any ideas please give me a shout.
  17. Brendon

    Roxio Genie Disc Cleaner

    Hi Jinker, I tried the Roxio Genie Duplicates Finder. It's not the sort of utility I would expect to find in an optical media creation suite, and there are no instructions for use available so you have to follow your nose and hope you get it right. I certainly wouldn't buy a $130 or $100 suite to get this little utility. I don't think I would use it again. Regards, Brendon
  18. When did you buy your device? Roxio tech support told me that devices bought before 2019 will not work with Catalina (10.15) and by extension I'm guessing they may not work with Mojave (10.14) but I only asked about Catalina. They also said the latest version of the software will not be compatible with the older pre-2019 hardware. It would be nice if they posted a little tech article which showed which operating systems and software are compatible with which serial numbers of products.
  19. Corel tech support replied and stated that VHS to DVD hardware purchased before 2019 will not be compatible with MacOS Catalina and also that if you download the current versions of the software it will not be compatible with the older Roxio hardware either. My hardware is definitely much older so I am considering buying the latest version as I have a lot of transferring to do. I wasn't entirely certain that the latest hardware will work with Catalina so I posed that question to them. The website does not specifically say it works with Catalina.
  20. Jinker

    Roxio Genie Disc Cleaner

    I've just received an email offering me a good deal on Creator NXT 7. I could use the Roxio Genie Disc Cleaner if it does what they say it does, namely identifies duplicated files on a hard drive for deletion as required. Has anybody tried this utility out and what are your thoughts?
  21. bimicher

    Toast for Windows

    Exactly what do you mean by "Windows version of Toast"? Of course Roxio has a "program" for Windows that does what Toast does. Have you looked under "Products" above?
  22. zerostat

    Toast for Windows

    Hello Are there any plans to release a Windows version of Toast? I would love to buy/upgrade to this program but I no longer use a Mac. Thank you!
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  24. Running NXT7 on Win8.1 I just tried to replicate your problem following the steps you outlined but I have no distortion in the audio. Everything works just fine.Used a 30 minute mp4m 1280x570 video file. The created audio proxy file plays without distortion in several players.
  25. The problem has not been addressed. I even wrote to Patrick Nichols (Corel CEO) in the hope it would get some attention. Nothing. Its funny, I check in every so often to see if the bug is fixed, only to see more complaints on the same issue.
  26. I have the exact same issue. I also purchased NXT7 hoping it would fix issues on NXT6, but NXT7 had NO improvements and same bugs. Apparently Roxio no longer believes in quality control.
  27. The only way to get your key reset is to contact Roxio Support. Roxio has NO presence on this forum, its used by fellow users.
  28. Roxio / corel is just a disgusting company with absolutely no ethics as far as I can determine To buy a piece of software and then have these morons tell you that " the key has been used too many times" is a F*****&* outrage ! YEAH, it's just happened to me. Maybe one day you might wanna consider crawling out of the gutter Sad.
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