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  2. For the record, I just purchased NXT8 Pro to see if they finally fixed this issue ... It does the exact same thing!!!! Corrupt aproxy files are still being created. The audio in output files is ok, so the application is usable ... Just a pain when editing / previewing your work.
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  4. I'm trying to put 2 hours on a DL DVD+R. This version is pretty basic and there isn't even an option for fit to disc. The other program I tried had that option, but there doesn't seem to be that here. Under File->Project Settings there are limited options. Under Tools->Settings the oonly options are Hardware or Software Rendering. Thanks for the response.
  5. The_Inspector_069

    Creator NXT 8

    I am very surprised Corel produced a Roxio Creator NXT 8. I have has Roxio Creator versions installed on my computer since the early 2000's. The program(s) have always had issues. Issues that seem to never get resolved in the newer versions. There is major issue with Gracenote recognizing my songs that have been converted from analog to digital. I ended up having to edit every line item to the correct artist, genre, etc. The track detection ability is useless. Doesn't work under line-in, or USB. And still not 24bit audio format. I don't understand why Corel refuses to incorporate the extension .mkv (video & audio) into their programs. Plus, they include a DVD player, which in turn is just a file player, and a home created DVD player. Totally useless. People also like to play commercial DVDs as well. IT is annoying that you have to change the resolution of your monitor (65" Samsung TV) to be able to use Video Wave. Every program now a days is meant for a 1080p resolution. Heck, now it's 4 & 8K. It is time to keep up with the times. To this very day, completely uninstalling the program is an issue. You have to unhide folders just to get to the remaining junk that the uninstaller program neglects to remove. No thank you. I'll have to pass on this program. There really do not bring anything new to the table. Just regurgitated programs/ applications/ apps, what ever you want to call them now a days. If they think that bringing in little enhancements to their photo editing program(s) is a good selling tactic, think again.
  6. tbrewst

    Creator NXT 8 is out

    I got the email about it this morning
  7. Read about it here.
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  9. Forget about file size for the moment. What is the total time of the video you are trying to put on the DVD? Are you using "Fit to Disc"?
  10. kd2mill

    Cd Label Border Won't Print

    I used the Registry Editor in Windows 10 to fix the problem after many links online failed to help. Here is the progression: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Roxio\EMC15\Label Creator\Settings. Go to ShowDVDCaseOutlines and double click or right click and select "Open". Change the value from "0" to "1" and restart Roxio Label Creator.
  11. Last week
  12. Sorry for posting here, but I don't see a thread for this product. I'm trying to compile some larger videos onto DVD. They are about an hour long. I tried a different product and it didn't have the ability to create chapters on the videos this does. There is no "play all" feature, but I digress. I successfully burned a DVD, but the audio starts out fine, but then turns to garbage. The program says the files I'm putting on it are well within the dual layer disc's capacity. The audio on the file is fine, captured with a different product and saved as MPEG2. I thought it was maybe because the files are too large, but the program should tell you if it has to reduce audio quality to make it fit. I'm really getting fed up with all of the different programs and trying to make this work, but I'm on Windows 10. My computer is a bit older, but if it burns the disc and captures everything appropriately, I don't see why the audio should not burn correctly.
  13. Kal-El

    Why does my 7.6GB video turn into 9.5GB?

    Which makes sense to me, but I don’t get why Toast says the space used is one size but then the disc image it creates turns out to be another (larger) size. I had a project that was set to take around 45 GB according to Toast, but when I actually made the disc image it ended up being 52 GB (too large to burn to a BD DL disc).
  14. cdanteek

    Why does my 7.6GB video turn into 9.5GB?

    A disc with a 25GB capacity is the equivalent of 23.28 gibibytes, depending on whether you’re using a base-2 system (binary) or a base-10 system (decimal). Also, some of that space is reserved as overhead for the file system, as well as error-correction information. So really, you’re getting a true recordable capacity of 23.28 gibibytes instead of the 25GB stated on the package for a single layer disc. It is the same for dual layer discs. Normally rated at 50GB, in practice they can record about 46.57GB of data. Again, this is due to the differences in the way capacity is measured and the small percentage of space reserved for file system and error correction information.
  15. trimmers

    job hunting tips

    Hwllo guys, I am developer and searching new work for myself. So which social platform for job hunting can you suggest for me LInkedin, upwork or something else? I have already posted my resume on LInkedin latley? any advices are welcome
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  17. theoldarchiver

    Can you make you own themes?

    There is no (public) documentation on how to do that, and what special properties have to be set to make it a valid theme file. It used to be easier in Toast 7 or earlier, but I gave up for the recent versions.
  18. Kal-El

    Why does my 7.6GB video turn into 9.5GB?

    I’m having the same problem but with Blu-ray. It’s maddening, and very confusing, because I have no way of accurately estimating how much content needs to be removed in order to produce a disc image that will fit on a BD DL. I saw elsewhere that going into the settings and changing ‘re-encode’ to ‘never’ can solve the misleading size estimate issue, but not re-encoding also means fitting a LOT less content onto the disc. Anyone with constructive input / solutions would be most appreciated.
  19. Roxio will know Apple are bringing out Big Sur shortly so why no mention? Catalina compatible but no mention of being ready for what comes next. Hold off would seem sensible to me.
  20. MLouise

    key code says invalid

    It was Corel's server problem...They say it is fixed and therefore your new software should now install and recognize the key code.
  21. Steve B F

    Customizing DVD Menus in Toast 18 Pro on a Mac

    I'm having the same problems tech support are rubbish. Best ever was iDVD on the older macs. Wished they do that for the newer ones would solve all my problems.
  22. Steve B F

    Text moves when saved.?

    So been in touch with Corel customer support... what a waste of space. Their answer to all my questions is to spend £90 on a newer version. "we don't support older versions" Anyone have any ideas what other software might work for me. Thanks.
  23. Tom W

    Toast 19 Pro Blu-Ray-Authoring crash Toast

    I had been working with Corel support for the last week sending them crash dumps, what other people said to try on the forum (giving credit to those people), etc. Last night I got this message, but I had not tried it since I was able to get my driver activated using what user Loby suggested. I post this here for closure. Thank you all! -Tom (Corel) Oct 8, 2020, 2:20 EDT Mr. / Ms. Thank you for contacting Corel Technical Support. I'm really sorry, The issue has been reported to our engineering team and they have resolved the issue with the activation, kindly try to activate the plugin in regular method once, If it is not activated yet, let us know how it goes. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions. Regards, Corel Customer Support Services Tom Oct 7, 2020, 3:25 EDT While this is not an acceptable solution, this user below figured out how to activate the Blu-ray Driver. I followed his instructions and was able to active the driver on my computer. Please use this information to help you develop a real fix for this issue. Thanks! Hi Tom W, Loby <https://forums.support.roxio.com/profile/134957-loby/> has posted a comment on a topic, Toast 19 Pro Blu-Ray-Authoring crash Toast <https://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/124701-toast-19-pro-blu-ray-authoring-crash-toast/> Loby said: I figured out what the problem is and hope Roxio looks at this post. I will send in the solution to support and hopefully they will take a look to send out an update. After much trouble shooting (they should pay me) and staying up until 2am (I need this to work) the issue is with the actual wi-fi activation. I was able to enable blu-ray authorization by tottering the wi-fi off and on while you activate the blu-ray activation selection. 1. First have your wi-fi on. 2. Then open up Toast 19 Pro 3. Select the Blu-ray Activation in the Help Menu 4. Turn off your wi-fi. 5. Then try to activate 6. Message says that you do not have your wi-fi on, do you want to try again. 7. turn on your wi-fi 8. Then try activating it again and hit "ok" - BUT immediately turn of and on your wi-fi while it is trying to activate. - You may have to do something like this a few times to get it to activate. Then it will activate eventually. You may have to do this a few times. I did this method on two Macs (Mac Pro 2013 and 15" MacBook Pro 2018) and it worked. Corel/Roxio: Please find a solution, talk to Apple if you have too. And give us an update with a patch!!!
  24. klausvonlimburgerhof

    Toast 19 Pro Blu-Ray-Authoring crash Toast

    Hi folks, it seems that the support ( engineering ) has found a solution to solve the problem. I received the following e-mail from support regarding my ticket : <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< It suddenly worked because engineering fixed the problem Due to the recent communication this support ticket will be closed. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< What the engineering has changed, I cannot say, although I had asked to be told what was found out. Nevertheless, a change seems to have been made by Roxio. So just try it out, who didn't manage to unlock it by himself. Klaus
  25. Hello Forum, I have a question regarding using Toast 19 Pro. Unfortunately, I already had major problems activating Bluray authoring. Now I have the next question and I need help with it. Briefly to the situation: So far I have used Adobe Encore to burn a Blurays. Unfortunately Adobe is no longer developing this and I need an alternative. So far I have exported my films with Premiere Pro as h264 Bluray with 25/30 MB bit rate. I then loaded the files directly into Encore and outputted them directly as Bluray WITHOUT RECODING. So I need a program which burns my videos as Bluray WITHOUT recoding or authoring with a simple menu. Now I came across Toast and the colleague in the chat (before buying) had confirmed that this works. Unfortunately, when I try to create a BD, I cannot find any way to import my files (m4v and wav) in the program. Furthermore, I have not found a way to adjust the settings so that my video material is NOT re-encoded. The 25/30 MB bit rate should also be retained. Where can I find the settings? What exactly do I have to store in which menu? Which files can I import? Should I use TSMuxer to edit the file before importing it? It is important that the files are NOT re-encoded. If this function is not available, I will claim my money back, otherwise I will not be able to use the program.
  26. rbarrickhp

    Playback question

    Whenever I play back my DVDs (with music) there always seems to be times when the music is interrupted by a second or two. It doesn't happen when I preview the project but when I burn a disc it always seems to happen. Only no music for a second or two but very annoying. Any answers?
  27. ogdens

    Difference between 6 and 7

    This may help https://www.roxio.com/en/upgrade-center/creator/
  28. I have been using NXT Pro 6 (upgrading from 2) and wondered how 7 differed. I know some things in 6 were less good than 2, but was wondering if any improvements have been made.
  29. Lobi-One

    Toast 19 Pro Blu-Ray-Authoring crash Toast

    Just reveals it is something in their activation process (my guess). Hopefully Corel/Roxio will look at it and make the corrections.
  30. Lobi-One

    Toast 19 Pro Blu-Ray-Authoring crash Toast

    Glad to hear it is working! It might not be a wi-fi issue then, but some internet connectivity issue within the program and/or get stuck in transition. Maybe the activation token that is sent to Corel/Roxio servers gets stuck on launch or something. Hopefully Corel/Roxio is watching the forum and taken note. Need a patch soon, but hopefully they are not waiting on Big Sur to come out before releasing a patch.
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