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  2. bcomatt

    Trim video in Videowave

    How do you trim middle portions out of the video in Videowave? All I see is how to trim the front and end of the video but not portions out of the middle of the video. thanks
  3. Yesterday
  4. MustBJones

    Apple ProRes

    I have to walk-back my walk-back. Today Toast 18 will bot recognize either ProRes422 or .h264. Nothing had changed from yesterday. I am at my wits end because I don’t know the problem so I can’t fix it.
  5. If you followed the late Jim Hardins instructions it should have worked! Post a screenshot of your device manager with the Roxio USB Deice plugged in like this.
  6. Brendon

    Roxio Capture Resolution

    Hi Ted, The Roxio Media Import application in NXT3 captures your video for burning to DVD, VCD, or DV. The settings are for output quality. I think it's the same for Creator 2011. If you choose one of the DVD outputs your captured video is output to the standard DVD dimensions, 720 x 480 for NTSC or 720 x 576 for PAL. The other settings, HQ, SP, and LP only change the data rate or quality, not the dimensions. Selecting a DV output might let you select non-DVD dimensions, but I don't have a capture card or a DV camera, so I can't try it to see. Regards, Brendon
  7. I don’t really know the answer but I am speculating that both programs are re-encoding the video and thus making it smaller (size ways) and more choppy.
  8. MustBJones

    There is Nothing To Record

    I get the same issue. It happens to just one file. I don’t know why though. I can add two or three files before this particular one. The size of the disk being used growers but when I add this particular file the disk size reverts to 904kb and there is nothing to burn. The encoding is ProRes422. A side note, burning the same files (well not quite the same upgraded to 422HQ) burns without a hitch.
  9. Last week
  10. I have the same problem. I tried what Jim Hardin has posted. But still the same A week ago I bought an I7 8th generation gaming computer only for video capture and editing for transfering VHS tapes to dvd; the only program on this computer is Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus.
  11. The Capture input section of Creator Pro 2011 has a few quality type selections like DVD HQ, DVD SP etc. Although the input video is HD, the Captured Video (DVD HQ) is only 720x480 an aspect ratio of 1.5 very similar to 4x3, no where near HD Full Screen. I also have NXT3 which has the same capture quality selections. How can I capture higher quality Video like 720p or 1080p if the input is such ? Thank you for any replies. Ted Springfield, MA
  12. MustBJones

    More themes

    Is it possible to buy more themes for both Toast and MyDVDPro?
  13. MustBJones

    Apple ProRes

    422HQ worked fine also. So go figure.
  14. MustBJones

    Making Blu Ray disk

    I found the drop down menu in the upper left-hand corner. I selected Blu-Ray and the coding changed to MPEG4.
  15. MustBJones

    Apple ProRes

    I must walk back my question. A friend on another forum ran a test for me. He exported from FCPX 10.4.6. His version of Toast was 12. He had no issue with that version of Toast and ProRes 422LT. So I did the same no issue either and I am on Toast 18. Ran the test again using just 422. No problem either. One more test using 422HQ.
  16. MustBJones

    MyDVDPro encoding

    Does MyDVDPro automatically encode videos even if it is in MPEG4 format?
  17. MustBJones

    Apple ProRes

    Thanks. I am using Toast 18. Yes I had no issue with .h264.
  18. itstherealjg

    Apple ProRes

    My experience is the same: Toast 17 does not accept ProRes 422 but it does accept H.264.
  19. MustBJones

    Apple ProRes

    I think Toast does not like these codecs. Can anyone confirm?
  20. MustBJones

    Making Blu Ray disk

    Thank you. But the only way I can find to set the codec to MPEG-4 is to select HD Video. Is this the only way?
  21. theoldarchiver

    Making Blu Ray disk

    The bottom drop down menu is for selecting the media (disc capacity), not for selecting the disc structure (Blu-ray Video). The Blu-ray specification allows for either MPEG-4 or MPEG-2 (or VC-1). MPEG-4 is advisable in most cases for Blu-ray. For getting to know Toast and Blu-ray burning, it is advisable to use rewritable discs, if your set top player supports that. Then you won’t waste discs in trying.
  22. MustBJones

    Making Blu Ray disk

    I have gone through the instructions for making a Blu Ray disk. In trying to make one, at the bottom drop down menu I selected “BD.” If I look at the bottom right-hand corner if the application window it states that the encoding is MPEG-2. I thought Blu-Ray was MPEG-4. The only way I can change this is in the drop down menu in the Options pane. If I go from DVD video to HD video then the codec changes from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4. But HD video is not the same as Blu-Ray. Should I be concerned or not. I have a Blu-Ray player hooked to my television.
  23. Dominic58

    I broke it

    I'm using the latest Version 3.1.0 (141) and im running Mojave 10.14.6 so everything was going great I captured two videos from the camcorder and started on the third when I tried to stop the recording and about 10 seconds and the spinning beach ball started, the app frozen I had to force quit. when I relaunched it and started again I hit record the I can see the video and sound but the counter doesn't work or the sound levels and the spinning beach ball is there. after several attempts I uninstalled it restarted and reinstalled with the same results. I tried a different USB port as well. I launch the program, hit record, and it freezes with the beachball spinning.
  24. That is the manual "Clean Uninstall" recommended by our old Leader, the legendary Pat Nugent. (see the Staff list) It's great to see that the techs are still recommending it, and that it still works. Thank you.
  25. I was recommended to try these steps 1. Uninstall the software. -Go to Start > Settings > System > Apps & Features > Roxio Easy VHS to DVD > Uninstall 2. After uninstalling, reboot your computer, and then configure Windows to show hidden files and folders. If you need instructions on how to do this, please refer to this link below: http://www.isunshare.com/windows-10/show-hidden-files-and-folders-in-windows-10.html Once you have hidden files and folders showing, please proceed with these steps: 2.1. Go to " C:\Users\*your username*\AppData\Local\"; 2.2. Locate any or all of these folders: - "Rovi_Corporation”; - “Corel_Corporation”; - “Roxio”; - “Roxio Log Files”; - “Sonic”; - “Simple Star”; 2.3. Rename(I deleted them) these folders by adding a “.old” at the end of their names. For instance, "Rovi_Corporation" to "Rovi_Corporation.old"; 2.4. Go to "C:\Users\*_yourusername_*\AppData\Roaming\" and check to see if you find the same folders above, and rename them the same way; 2.5. Go to “C:\Program Files\Common Files” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files” and look for the following folders; rename them the same way: - PX Storage Engine; - Roxio Shared; - Sonic Shared. 2.6. Go to "C:\Program Data\" and delete the following folders: - Roxio - Sonic - FLEXnet 3. Clean your Windows temporary files. • To delete the Windows Temporary Files, please follow these steps: a) On your keyboard, press and hold the "Windows Logo" and the "R" keys to launch the "Run" dialog box. b) On the "Run" box, type: %temp% c) Click "OK" or press "Enter" to open the Temp directory folder window. d) On your keyboard, press and hold the "Ctrl" and the "A" keys to Select All of the files. e) Press the "Delete" key and then click "Yes" on the message asking if you are sure to move the selected items (files) to the Recycle Bin. f) Skip all files that cannot be deleted (there are usually about 3 to 5 temp files in use by Windows at any given time which cannot be deleted). g) Close the Temp directory folder window. • To delete the Temporary Internet Files, please follow these steps: a) Press and hold the "Windows Logo" and the "R" keys to launch the "Run" dialog box. b) On the "Run" box, type: inetcpl.cpl c) Click "OK" or press "Enter" to launch the Internet Properties dialog box. d) Click the "General" tab and under "Browsing history", click "Delete". e) On the "Delete Browsing History" dialog box, put a check on the box for "Temporary Internet files and website files" then click "Delete". f) Click "Apply" and click "OK". 4. Restart your PC. 5. Temporarily disable your antivirus. Note: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you shouldn't disable your antivirus software. If you have to temporarily disable it to install other software, you should re-enable it as soon as you're done. If you're connected to the Internet or a network while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks. 6. Reinstall Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. point is solved my problem of no display, yet I could record a video just fine thank you for your help Karl Santiago (staff)
  26. Joyce P

    Features on Creator NXT6

    Hello bimicher, I looked at downloading Irfanview and am intimidated by the array of possibilities. Do you have a recommendation as to which one I should download? So to answer your question, no I haven't tried it yet but would like to. BTW I have been looking for NXT 7 info and it's practically nonexistent on forums. Are you able to work with me on that new program on another forum perhaps?
  27. bimicher

    Features on Creator NXT6

    Did you try Irfanview in the batch mode? To me it would be the easier solution then fooling around with gif files.
  28. I've spent about 3 hours on a net meeting with Corel (Roxio) support. This has led to no progress. We've identified that the video file works on the technician's computer, and he confirmed the issue is occurring on my computers (windows 7 and Windows 10). He acknowledged that some users on this forum have confirmed the problem. The technician told me that the video file from my camera is not compatible with the Videowave software (even though it works fine for some of you here, and it works fine on the technician's computer) I am completely frustrated with the level of support provided. We were able to work on a net meeting, but the only communication that we could do was through a chat window. I requested repeatedly to talk on the phone so that we could further diagnose the problem, but the tech repeatedly told me that a phone conversation was not available. Anyone have any suggestions for trying to get a resolution to this problem? -Eric
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