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  2. cdanteek

    Anybody know what year it is?

    2020, I wouldn't go back to the future to it, it hasn't been a good year!
  3. sknis

    Anybody know what year it is?

    Where did you buy the program? Roxio/Corel does not have Version 4 but I found a similar named software from "VidBox on ebay.
  4. TheRoxie

    Anybody know what year it is?

    So, this is a statement apparently and about VHS to DVD 4, not 3 (so apparently like the software, Roxio/Corel is behind the times!!) I purchased 4 to get some old VHS tapes over to digital. I had bought another product (different vendor) and the software was TERRIBLE. I thought, ok Roxio has been my goto for years; I'm going to dish out the few extra bucks and get a good product. Today, I call support because I want to change the default location (permanently) for the location of the videos. Either in Files, Preference, or in the Export tab. After searching the registry, etc I contacted support. There response; no can do! What is there is permanent (user profile subfolders). You have to change it for each project. This is 2020, right??? Who doesn't allow to make a permanent change to a file location? I was able to install on my D drive... Why even have the restore to default option???!!! Very frustrating, guess I'm returning another product and just call it a day...
  5. Last week
  6. GriffDVDMaker

    Error -301989883

    No matter what I do using MYDVDPro I get error -301898883 when my DVD's are nearly complete burning. I have tired to remove content. I deleted and reinstalled Toast 18. I am using a mew MacBookPro 2019 model 16" on Catalina 10.15.4. It is so frustrating I can't see straight. My DVD+R is 4.7GB and content is 4 movies with a GREEN 4235.26 MB on disc. I have tried making this DVDProProject numerous times and I always get the same error.
  7. I updated today to Toast Titanium 18 for my Mac running Catalina... and surprise surprise, Roxio Restore (the small embedded app to combine back the spanned multi-discs) crashes/quits immediately after going through the motions of where to restore to. What on earth good does it do me to archive to multiple disc if the software to put it back together doesn’t work? And how can this claim to be ‘now compatible with Catalina’ with such a critical break in its professional functionality? Furthermore: what on EARTH do I do now with aaaallll my back-years of project archives that now can’t be opened, all of a sudden, after years of working no problem? PLEASE help Roxio... this is literally mission-critical. Is it possible to make a standalone Roxio Restore for the Mac itself? What on earth are my options here?
  8. GreatDisplayName

    Right Channel Loud White Noise

    Same thing happening when I attempt to create a blu-ray. Loud white noise. Tried suggestions above such as fully uninstalling, re-installing, and tried using default sound for encoding. Same results. Looks like a software glitch. I've requested a refund, but am not holding my breath. Very disappointed.
  9. I bought Roxio a number of years ago but have not used it in quite a while. I'm working on a new laptop, Windows 10. I'm trying to run the update shown on the attachment but keep getting this error, any suggestions?
  10. Earlier
  11. When I try to download/install NXT7 - the download window starts to work like it is doing the download, however when it gets to about 11.23 mb - the app stops and does nothing else. When I get assistance from support, they try to make me uninstall norton - what I would like to know is there a way to download without uninstalling or disabling Norton. I don't have to do this for any other app that I down load just Roxio and Corel products in general. Thanks.
  12. Buen día, intento instalar mi producto de "Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3", pero envía un mensaje de "La clave de producto que ha introducido no es valido. Vuelva a escribir su clave". ya había instalado anteriormente la aplicación y registrado el producto en la pagina de roxio.com revise el serial y es el mismo de mi disco. ¿qué puedo hacer?, ¿caduco mi serial? ¿como puedo renovarlo si el caso?.
  13. seanscottsmith

    Instant Crash

    I installed Toast 18 now back in April. As sone as I would move an audio file into the app to create a CD, it would crash. I tried doing the same for a DVD I could put files in the app, but when I went through the process of burning the disc I got nothing. I went through the process of uninstalling the program removing all the files and reinstalling and nothing changed. I am told, we are looking into this and will have more information soon, but hear nothing back. I'm wondering if the file is corrupt, I have asked for another one, and again have heard nothing. Any suggestions?
  14. AaronD71

    No Signal

    I am using the capture card with my PS4. I've used it a few times and yesterday it was working just fine. Today I tried to use it, but got the jumping screen. I remembered to uncheck the Enable HDCP, so I did that. Restarted the Roxio software and now I'm getting a red "no signal". I restarted my PS4 and computer.. still no signal. I've uninstalled the software and reinstalled the software.. still no signal. Checked my cables.. unplugged it, plugged it back in and still no signal. Nothing has changed except loading HULU on my PS4 and checking the Enable HDCP. That is why I had to uncheck it today so I did that. Thoughts? Suggestions... I just got this in April.
  15. cdanteek Somehow I am losing you with my descriptions. First, forget I mentioned doing a hardware test on a Windows XP computer, it is causing you to think I plugged the dongle into the computer first WITHOUT first installing the software off of the installation disk. You asked me if the device was working or was it dead or defective or not. To confirm if it was a dead device or not, I plugged it into another computer just to test if it was a go or no go. I chose a random computer in my possession that happens to have Windows XP on it, was not intending to install the software or use that computer, it was just simply used as a go or no go test to confirm if the dongle still worked or not. It did. Now let's strike any mention of it, as it is confusing you. Now, on to the computer I wanted the dongle to work on (Hewitt Packard with Windows 10 64 bit.) YES! I INSTALLED the software FIRST before plugging the dongle into the USB port. The trouble was the device was not being recognized at all, not even in device manager, not anywhere, every attempt I made to get the USB capture device to show up or be a selectable audio device failed. My computer just would not acknowledge it had the Roxio USB capture device plugged into a USB port. I uninstalled and reinstalled the contents of the installation disk and still the device was not being recognized by my computer. YES I only plugged the Roxio USB capture device in, after the software was installed FIRST. I put that device back on my older Dell computer to which it was already installed on and it work on that computer as well. When I bought this new Hewitt Packard i8 processor computer, I wanted to switch that Roxio USB capture device to my new computer since it was more powerful than my Dell. But it would not and could NOT be recognized on this new computer no matter what I did with software or hardware settings. This is where I purchased Easy VHS To DVD 3 from a local Walmart store, in store, first asking store employees if the dongle did not work on my computer can I simply return it for a full refund. I was told yes. I have the receipt from the store dated February 3 2020. That is the date I bought Easy VHS To DVD 3 That photo you asked be about that I posted earlier of the VHS TO DVD 3 package is the exact one I purchased, that is a photo I took with my camera of my package, that is not a stock photo I used in that post. Once the software was installed, I plugged the device into the USB port AFTER the software was installed----NOT BEFORE. The Easy VHS To DVD 3 software was an exact duplicate of Easy VHS To DVD 1 (my original software) Meaning both video and audio editing programs were exactly alike in window layout, just different versions. Now, I realize this package is for capturing videos from video tape machines (VHS Video tape) I use it for AUDIO editing ONLY. (No video editing) I use it to digitalize my vinyl record albums. I only use the RED and WHITE RCA jack inputs of the USB dongle. I also use it to edit music files that have already been created by other people. I run an internet radio station on line and get many music files sent to me for airplay consideration by artists. I only use 320kbps MP3s, because I can add TAGS to the output files that help my RDS software tell my listeners what song is playing and by which artist. .wav files do not allow TAGS that my software reads, so I convert everything to 320kbps MP3s. Now that I hopefully have explained, what I use the software for, you can understand the importance that my software recognizes mp3s. When I had Roxio VHS To DVD 3 software installed and I went to select an mp3 file from a folder full of MP3s, using the (Add Audio File) option in the "Sound Editor" side menu, it showed the folder as being completely empty. If there were a few .wav files in that same folder, they would show up as being there, but none of the mp3s in that same folder showed up. I also could not take a .wav file and output it as an mp3 file, the option just was not there! Now, there is a file on Roxio's website called http://softwareupdates.roxio.com/isum/vhstodvd/vhstodvd_sp3_to_88a.exe I installed that file and my software still did NOT recognize MP3 files, nor allow me to out-put an audio file to an MP3 file format. Now for the PLUS version I have. That software package was downloaded from Roxio's official website. That link was included in an official email sent to me from Roxio. I downloaded the installer and it told me to keep a backup of the software somewhere for future use in case something goes wrong. Sorry, it might be a private link and making it public might not be legal, so I can not share the URL to download Roxio VHS To DVD Plus. Pictured below are that of SOUND EDITOR included with Easy VHS To DVD Plus This time I included a picture of the Software version. I am hoping I have not continued to confuse you. I actually purchased Easy VHS To DVD 1 and Easy VHS To DVD 3, the Easy VHS To DVD Plus version was emailed to me by Roxio, with a link to their website to download the executables. The last photo shows a screenshot of that email with the link removed. Bruce.
  16. tented

    Right Channel Loud White Noise

    OK, I’m getting predictable results now, after a lot of testing. The issue centers around which audio options are used on the Encoding tab of the Customize menu. If I use Auto, then everything works fine. If I select Custom, and use 16/48 bit, then everything works fine, too. However, if I use 24/48 or 24/96, then I get white noise. Hopefully this helps!
  17. Reelmagic

    Poor video and now no video

    So my wife bought this a while back to transfer our wedding video which we did. The video came out poor with a lot of red and green shading and the top and bottom of the video curling at times. I just thought that it was a 21 year old video it is what it is. But today I was going to transfer 3 other videos and in the preview screen they too had the same issues. Then while trying one of them for a second time all I got was audio. So I thought we’ll maybe it’s the vcr or cables. I changed cables, same thing. Then I connected it direct to the tv and guess what none of the videos, including the wedding video have any of the issues I saw on the roxio screen. They look as good as a VHS could look. So now it appears I have a bad roxio usb dongle. Any thoughts. If it is the dongle will roxio replace it? Thanks
  18. Newt20

    Dual Layer Discs

    I bought blank dual layer discs, thinking I wouldn’t have to compress my dvds as much when making copies. But... when I insert the blank disc, the level of compression shows the same percentage reduction as when I have a regular blank disc in. So what am I missing here? Shouldn’t the level of compression be much lower when burning to a 8.5GB disc than a 4.7 one?
  19. Pangolin Gumbo

    [mp4] is in an unsupported format and cannot be imported

    What a cunch...
  20. Back again! The update sp3 turns Easy VHS to DVD 3 into Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus that part is solved. Now back to MP3 support in Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. Go to start all programs and double click Sound Editor. And this opens. Now click add audio file and add your MP3's as I did. Now tell me does your Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus, Sound Editor support MP3's?
  21. You keep saying you have Easy VHS to DVD 3 even show a box saying that! But this pic you posted says Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. Give me a build number of your installed Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. So I booted to an image and installed Easy VHS to DVD 3 so basically I wasted my time doing that. No need to post a super long post describing other things please just answer my questions?
  22. The first thing the setup guide tells you to do on page 7 is to install the software! On page 12 of the setup guide, it tells you to connect your Roxio USB Device! Didn't you understand " Windows installs a generic USB driver and it stays that way until it is deleted/uninstalled ! " ? The Roxio USB Device runs on drivers x86 or x64 and they have to be installed correctly, first install the software then plugin the Roxio USB Device. Now back to your original question Input Formats: Video: MPEG2, AVC (H.264) Audio: WAV, mp3, ogg Vorbis, FLAC, WMA, AAC (m4a) Output Formats: Video: DVD, ISO, MPEG2, AVC (H.264) Audio: WAV, mp3, ogg Vorbis, FLAC, WMA, AAC Disc: DVD, Mini DVD Your Easy VHS to DVD 3 doesn't have Sound Editor like your fist pic? Where did you get your Easy VHS to DVD 3 and when?
  23. tented

    Right Channel Loud White Noise

    Never mind .... the problem has returned.
  24. That was a mistake a bunch of folks make and it screws up your system because Windows installs a generic USB driver and it stays that way until it is deleted/uninstalled ! Did you install the software before plugging in the Roxio USB Device?
  25. tjs22655

    Adding subtitles

    I am wanting to add subtitles to a video in Videoware NXT Pro 7. I suppose I could use the Add Text feature but wondered if anyone had an ideas. Thanks all.
  26. tented

    Right Channel Loud White Noise

    I fixed this by doing a complete uninstall & reinstall, using instructions on this page.
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