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  2. Agent99

    LP and Tape Assistant

    I have a similar situation when trying to digitize my vinyl records. I used Creator 2011 for years and had it set to add a track separator each time I hit "pause". Creator NXT 7 will not do that even though I have the box ticked in Advanced Options. I thing upgrading was a waste of time and money.
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  4. Killroy

    Toast 18 Pro will not burn work

    Then they should stop selling it before someone takes the to court. It is not an upgrade from Toast 17.
  5. Post Pro

    Toast 18 Pro will not burn work

    I'm guessing it's way past time to give up. I've re-installed an older version just to be able to function. Probably too late for a refund at this point as well... LOL!
  6. RezDawg

    Burn Large .mov video to 1 DVD

    Anybody help me fit a large 37gb .mov video to one dvd disk, how do I do that? I'm new to Toast.
  7. Problem solved. As I was trying to remember something I need to do. I stumbled upon my profile of sorts and discovered that I had asked several questions back 2007. I checked my previous questions and they were about burning Photoshows in Creator 10. Since I still have creator 10 I installed it and I now have Photoshows back.So all's well that ends well or something like that. Thanks to all who scratched their heads and tried to think of a solution for me.
  8. Bit have you ever tried the Slide Show program in Windows 10? I have no other suggestions. Has the client used Roxio programs like Video wave? Yes, the Corel photo editing program seems to be complex but there are "automatic" settings to make it easier. Pinnacle has SmartMovie as their slide show offering. At one time you could download the PhotoShows from the web and save them. I don't know if that is still available. As with other software, if Flash goes away, your client will need to get other current software anyway. Yvette, did you try FastFlicks or any other video editing program to make your slide shows? Google for other software. Rizzo, get Yvette, BitGuru, his client and a whole lot others to see what can be done to resurrect PhotoShow by contacting Roxio/Corel. It would have to be a whole new program though.
  9. Skins, Yes, my client just paid for a yearly subscription. I told him that it is unlikely that this program will be around much longer and should work to save his shows as videos. I actually don’t know much about slide show programs. I am a Systems Analyst and rebuild computers/remove viruses. I actually found a discount for Corel VideoStudio which is supposed to have FastFlick built in. I got a trial copy to try out myself. However my client is very familiar with PhotoShow and resistant to learning something new. His first impression of VideoStudio was “way over my head”. My challenge is finding some thing that he will feel comfortable using. If you have any suggestions for free slide show programs online that would be appreciated Last question. Is there an easy way that he can save his PhotoShows as videos so they can be backed up somewhere other than the server and uploaded to YouTube or Facebook? thanks so much! Bitguru
  10. Pach

    burn project over multiple discs

    Brendon, Thank You. I'll give it a try.
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  12. Killroy

    Toast 18 Pro will not burn work

    Still no fix for Prores Mac native format.
  13. Photoshop is a completely different program from Photoshow
  14. I have a number of Photoshows on the server and liked being able to add my own music and get it to match the end of the slide show.The only reason I'm not using it now is my HD "crashed and burned" recently and to make it worse I managed to erase my backup files of my drive while trying to reload them. I spent the last few months scanning o;d photos with plans on putting them in order and in Photoshows so I hope it''ll be staying around. I've been a "subscriber" for more than a few years as well (I do know it's been over 10 yrs.) Who knows. Maybe if there's enough interest , Roxio will keep it around. I wont hold my breath though. I do a lousy imitation of Papa Smurf.
  15. Thanks for the reply, Meridian. I have a copy of Photoshop somewhere but I never really got into using it.so I know I didn't get it from there. I think it Photoshop) came with some other product. I know I didn't buy it. May still have it but with my luck it was a win 95 program. Will look and check it out. Never can tell especially since I have a bad case of CRS these days. (Cant Remember Stuff. Have to be politically correct. Don't want to get in trouble.)
  16. Hello all sorry for not getting back to this post. Here is the deal, I bought the original Roxio Easy VHS TO DVD software several years ago, I mostly used "Sound Editor" which came bundled with Easy VHS To DVD to record my vinyl records to my computer, because the included USB dongle does not load down my audio card like plugging a mixing board into the soundcard audio line input port does. It worked flawlessly for years on an old Dell Windows 10 32 bit computer. Now, I have upgraded to a Hewitt Packard Windows 10 64 bit based computer. The USB dongle was not recognized like it was on the Dell computer in device manager. I created a topic here in a different forum topic asking why it is not being recognized on my new computer. I even went into the computer's BIOS and enabled legacy devices, still no luck. The USB device did show up automatically in device manager of an old Windows XP computer I plugged it into, even without installing the software included on the disk, but not on the Windows 10 64 bit computer. I decided to purchase Easy VHS To DVD 3 I included a picture of the box and disk below. This package's USB dongle device was recognized by my Hewitt Packard Windows 10 64 bit computer. In device manager, it placed two entries for this device. Maybe that is the way it is supposed to be when working properly, unlike its predecessor Easy VHS To DVD 1. The reason I created this topic was because the new software did not recognize MP3 files, which is what I edit and output my finished output files as. It recognized other files though. I do audio editing for an Internet radio station, most of the submitted music file formats I get submitted to me are in MP3 format and we use 320 kbps mp3s with our automated music software because MP3s allow proper metadata for our software to display on our Internet stream, .wav files do not allow this type of metadata within the files. So it was important for the new software to support MP3 format, which it wasn't. I also downloaded and installed a file from Roxio's website that was Roxio VHs To DVD SP to 88a.exe After installing that file, my software still did not recognize mp3s. Strangely enough, although my new software removed Roxio Easy VHS To DVD 1 from my computer upon installation, I was able to reinstall Roxio Easy VHS To DVD 1 without it uninstalling Roxio Easy VHS To DVD 3. It also allowed both versions of the software 1 & 3 to recognize mp3 files. That's right you read that correctly, upon installing the original copy of Easy VHS TO DVD 1 software did not uninstall Easy VHS To DVD 3, but it added mp3 support to it. Naturally both pieces of software installed in a different program folder on my computer, one being Easy VHS To DVD and the other folder EASY VHS To DVD 3. Recently, because both copies of my software are legally purchased and registered with Roxio, I got an email from Roxio with a link to download Roxio Easy VHS To DVD Plus. I followed the link and downloaded the software from their legit website, I installed it on my computer. Of course it decided to over write my original copy of Easy VHS To DVD 1. Upon opening "Sound Editor" I did not like the new design and layout. They put this big menu area on the right side of the window, which can not be resized to make the actual track properties windows like the old software. Below I attached a picture of the original "Sound Editor" window versus the plus version of the software for comparison. I like the original version, as it is easier for me to work on the clip if I want to add to it or strike out a cuss word from an unedited track I get submitted to me for use on my Internet radio station. I think the right side of the track editing window of the Plus version should allow resizing, so the track edit area can be made wider like the original version. (See my pictures included below showing the difference between the two versions) By the way, the new dongle from Easy VHS To DVD 3 does work with the original Easy VHS TO DVD 1 software as a selectable audio device in the properties for capture devices, so that is a plus. Now as for the Easy VHS To DVD 3 software, I was curious why the owners manual mentioned editing mp3's but it was not possible for me to select an mp3 under add file nor could I output a music file as an mp3 file. I still do not know why that was the case and reinstalling that software still did not add mp3 support like as if some software or plugin was not included on the disk. Now here is where I am at here, I still use Roxio Easy VHS To DVD 1, because it supports mp3 file format, it works well with the dongle that came with Easy VHS To DVD 3 and I like the track editing area better than Roxio Easy VHS To DVD Plus. I will continue to keep Roxio Easy VHS TO DVD Plus on my computer in case I find the video editing software is better than the original, however, my main purpose of having the software is not to edit videos, but to record music onto my computer from cassettes and vinyl records using the USB dongle. Below are the screen shots of the two different software's, Easy VHS To DVD 1 Sound Editor and Easy VHS To DVD Plus Sound Editor and the packaging of Easy VHS To DVD 3 the software I am not longer using because of lack of mp3 support, but at least the included USB dongle works on my Windows 10 64 bit Hewitt Packard computer. Bruce.
  17. I would also like to have alternative photoshow. Though I loved it for years, with the adobe flash, it does not work on all computers. It was a great program back in the day, anyone find something that is comparable?
  18. Does you client still pay for an annual subscription to PhotoShow? I stopped using it years ago because of all the problems/changes with it. I'm not even sure that FastFlick is available as a standalone. it is available as part of NXT7 and may be available as part of a Corel higher priced offerings. It is doubtful that Corel will try to support 2 slide show programs. Since YouTube and other free sites are available - with and without security, is there a need for this type of program? If you have a client, I'm sure that you know the currently available slide show programs - some free.
  19. Noel Vermillion

    Components option Crash

    Hi, first of all, I regret my level of English, it is quite bad. I usually do Stream regularly, and years ago I did it from a PS3 and I had no problem. Currently I do Stream on PS4 (and other consoles with HDMI output) with a PC quite dedicated to it, but I wanted to Stream again on a PS3 and I have a pretty serious problem. When selecting the "components" option, the Roxio program crashed. I have tried different cables, and even different PS3s, televisions and outlets, but not only with all cables connected, I have also tried to connect only the capture device to the PC without any other cable other than the one that is going direct to the PC, and when choosing "components" exactly the same error happens. I managed to get it working once by uninstalling Roxio entirely with an external program, as I had a lot of trouble getting it installed again normally. But I think doing it again only fixes this error to make Stream one day (which is what happened last time). If I stream in HDMI I have no problem... I hope you can give me a solution, thank you very much for your attention
  20. I have a client who has used PhotoShow for years. He struggled back when he switched to Windows 10 but was able to get it working again when the fix came out back in 2016. Now I have heard rumors that Adobe Flash Player is being discontinued. My client just called me this weekend and said that he cannot get any of this Photo Shows to play again. And when he emails the show from the web page the email does not show up. I have read through this forum and it seems that there are several people here who also still use Photoshow just like my client does. However it seems that most of the posts are rather dated. Therefore I am making a new post to see who is still using Photoshow in 2020. Has anyone found any good alternatives...such as FastFlix....is that still the closest replacement? I appreciate any feedback that I can receive. Thank you, bitguru.
  21. Hi Rizzo Sorry I cannot help you. I have not used Photoshow for a long time as my computer crashed and I lost everything and have switch to Apple. However,from memory would suggest the Roxio Easy CD.DVD burning software would have been art of the Photoshop and is still available.Hope this helps....Have a great day.
  22. Richard H

    Copy & Convert won't open

    I've tried all the steps for a "clean" install, have removed and installed NXT 7 about 8 times. Copy & Convert still won't open. Can't get Easy CD & DVD Burning to install either. I'm stumped. I may just have to use NXT 7 without Copy & Convert. I have a Nero program that will do that. NXT 7 does have Videowave so I can combine videos and photos into a slideshow. Thanks.
  23. Brendon

    NXT6 Videowave Production - no sound

    Glad it worked Trev. Stay safe. Brendon
  24. Trevconda1

    NXT6 Videowave Production - no sound

    Brendon - worked a treat, my wife is now the proud owner of a DVD of her friends wishing her a Happy Birthday. Thank you for your help !
  25. Brendon

    Copy & Convert won't open

    If you can get your older Easy CD & DVD Burning working again you might want to consider going for a refund on NXT 7, if it won't install properly. I'm still waiting for your reply on your other thread HERE. Brendon
  26. Brendon

    NXT6 Videowave Production - no sound

    Trevconda1, I think I know where you've tripped on this - you've converted your Quicktime videos with the old MPEG audio instead of MPEG 4 audio. If that's the problem, the fix is fairly simple but you will need to adjust VLC player and convert again. Please try this: -Run VLC player and start to set up convert -After selecting the standard video profile as shown, click the spanner icon to edit the profile -click the Audio Codec tab and then the Codec pulldown to change from MPEG Audio to MPEG 4 Audio ( AAC ) as shown. Then Save this change. Now you can go back to the Convert screen and carry on converting your Quicktime videos and VideoWave should like them. Please let me know if this works for you.
  27. I've used Photoshow for many years,Wwhen I switched from WIn 7 to 10 it migrated over and worked fine. Recently my hard drive crashed. When setting up my new hard drive and loading my backup files my backup which I had to redo because of various problems which I can attribute to Operator Head Space Malfunction. Then I found those backups had disappeared due to the previously mentioned malfunction. Since I have Parkinson's, occasionally I hit keys I shouldn't. I'd be in bad shape if it wasn't for spellcheck. I no Longer have Photoshow. Can someone tell me which version of CD Creator contained the program. I still have an old copy hanging around somewhere I Hope. If not how can I get a copy again? I tried a trial download, logged in, but couldn't access my photoshows which I previously up loaded.
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  29. cdanteek

    Product key does not work

    Registration or activation?
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