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  2. That error is a condition of your PC not the software! Could you post a shot of your system specs like below?
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  4. To What "memory" is this message referring? Little memory is being used by all components of the computer, 2 small MPEG2 files of two to 3 minutes only to be burnt to DVD. have closed MyDVD and rebooted twice with no change. What does "E_RPLS_" mean? New discs were tried also.
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  6. JSJR states he already renamed the vob's to mog
  7. You need to look at your setting like I outlined above, "Hide Extensions For Known File Types". Uncheck this, and click Apply and OK. If so rename them correctly. We then have options to run them through 'Any Video Convertor' that has fixed non-compliant video files for myself and several others.
  8. The problem is not with the extension but VOB files themselves (I'm guessing) . The problem DVDs were created with old Sonic MYDVD06 and RecordNow7. ALL DVD's play on my TV DVD, but the OLD DVD's won't play on my computer w/ VLC software. When I rename the old VOB files to .mpg I can play them perfecting with Windows Media Player. The files have a problem in VideoWave , but as you can see from my last post they can only be displayed in MYDVD. Right now I can cast ALL video files to my FireTV which is what I wanted to do. So technically I am satisfied at this point. If I could find another software to convert the renamed files to a true .mpg I might be able to edit or update them in VideoWave?
  9. For some reason Windows is set up by default to hide the file extensions that it knows about. This way, "letter.doc" shows as just "letter". This is nice if you want a tidy display, but makes it hard for you to tell if "letter" is a .DOC file, or a .TXT file or even an .EXE file which will execute when you click on it. This setting also makes it impossible to change the extension which has been hidden. If you renamed "letter" above to "letter.txt" it would look like what you wanted, but it would really be "letter.txt.doc" which wouldn't help you. If you need to rename VOB files into MPG to import them, here is what you should do. -Make a new folder on your hard drive, and in Windows copy the VOB files to that new folder. -To make the extensions visible, open the folder and go to the tool bar, Tools / Folder Options / View. -in the box which opens is a setting "Hide Extensions For Known File Types". Uncheck this, and click Apply and OK. -if you intend to do this again, click on the "Apply to All Folders" button to set and forget it. Now rename the large vob files, example 1.mpg, 2.mpg and so on. Make sure they're in the form (filename.mpg) as the dot or period before mpg is a must! As soon as you complete the renaming, Windows should see them as Movie File (mpeg) and they should import properly.
  10. Jim B

    Learning center not working

    Thank you for the reply and the links. The Learning Center I'm using is the one from NXT4 In the Music – audio tab as the selections. They are quite different from the ones you sent me (See below)I have Roxio 2012 installed on my computer the Learning Center in it is the same as the one in 2010. The PDF files in it do not open either.I have Foxit set as my go to app for PDF files. Have you noticed that, sometimes, they open in Microsoft edge Like the links you sent me?
  11. Brendon

    Learning center not working

    Aha! I also use Firefox as my browser, and Foxit as my reader. Firefox is default browser, and PDFs are set to open in Foxit reader. I've generated a list of the links from the learning center. I'll print them here and also attach a text file containing them, if that's handier for you. Highlight and copy the link you want, then paste it into the address bar on Firefox and hit Enter. The PDF should then download and open, like this example. Alternately, you can just right-click the link in this post, and Open link in new Tab or Window. Click on the down-arrow (in the red box) to download a copy of the PDF file. Please come back to me if you have any problems with this. Here is the list of links, and a text file containing those links is attached and can be downloaded. Data-Copy http://img.roxio.com/enu/pdf/creator2010/create-and-burn-iso.pdf http://img.roxio.com/enu/pdf/creator2010/burn-data-dvd.pdf http://img.roxio.com/enu/pdf/creator2010/burn-data-dvd.pdf http://img.roxio.com/enu/pdf/creator2010/copy-dvd-video.pdf http://img.roxio.com/enu/pdf/creator2010/copy-data-disc.pdf Video-Movies http://img.roxio.com/enu/roxiocentral/creator2011/tutorials/document/choosing-how-to-output-in-3d.pdf http://img.roxio.com/enu/roxiocentral/creator2012/tutorials/document/create-digital-effects.pdf http://img.roxio.com/enu/roxiocentral/creator2011/tutorials/document/creating-3d-projects-in-mydvd.pdf http://img.roxio.com/enu/roxiocentral/creator2011/tutorials/document/shooting-for-3d-production.pdf http://img.roxio.com/enu/flash/creator2010/green-screen-video-effects.html http://img.roxio.com/enu/pdf/creator2010/roxio-easy-copy-convert.pdf http://img.roxio.com/enu/pdf/creator2010/create-blu-ray-with-menus.pdf Music-Audio http://img.roxio.com/enu/pdf/creator2010/improving-audio-quality-videowave.pdf http://img.roxio.com/enu/pdf/creator2010/preserving-music.pdf http://img.roxio.com/enu/pdf/creator2010/removing-pops-clicks.pdf http://img.roxio.com/enu/pdf/creator2010/beatmatch.pdf http://img.roxio.com/enu/pdf/creator2010/convert-audiobook.pdf http://img.roxio.com/enu/pdf/creator2010/dvd-music-disc.pdf http://img.roxio.com/enu/pdf/creator2010/capture-internet-audio.pdf Photos http://img.roxio.com/enu/roxiocentral/creator2012/tutorials/document/hdr-express.pdf http://img.roxio.com/enu/roxiocentral/creator2011/tutorials/document/shooting-for-3d-production.pdf http://img.roxio.com/enu/roxiocentral/creator2011/tutorials/document/create-3d-pictures-in-creator.pdf http://img.roxio.com/enu/pdf/creator2010/collage.pdf http://img.roxio.com/enu/pdf/creator2010/fix-photos.pdf http://img.roxio.com/enu/pdf/creator2010/edit-multiple-photos.pdf http://img.roxio.com/enu/pdf/creator2010/photo-projects.pdf LC.txt
  12. Jim B

    Learning center not working

    Thank you for the reply. I'm trying to find some help in the music – audio tab. It doesn't matter which tab I open, none of the PDF files open. The link you sent me opened in Microsoft edge. I right clicked on it but didn't see an "open with" selection. I generally use Firefox as my browser and Foxit PDF reader for PDF files.
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  14. Brendon

    Learning center not working

    Hello Jim, I just tried it in my NXT 4 and it seems to be working fine on my machine. Selecting the Learning Center from your NXT 4 menu should bring you a display like this: If you go to the right and click on 'View PDF' then a PDF should download and be displayed. There should be a separate PDF file linked to each entry (except for the one at Video-Movies - Creating Green Screen Effects, which uses a Flash video). Does your machine fail to download the PDF, or is there a problem displaying it after it downloads? Here is a LINK to the first PDF. Double-click on the link and your internet browser should open, download, and display the PDF. Please tell me if it arrived and displayed okay. If this works but you still can't make it work from your Roxio NXT menu, I can give you a list of links for the PDFs from all 4 sections of the Learning Center which will allow you to download the desired PDFs through your browser. Regards, Brendon
  15. bohalloran

    Customizing DVD Menus in Toast 18 Pro on a Mac

    I'm using Toast 17, but should be the same as Toast 18. Try this. 1. Open Toast. 2. Click on video tab in the top center. 3. Click on the options tab in the top right corner 4. Select the format tab under format and select the format you want. 5. Under menu style, select customize 6. Select the menu tab in the top center. 7. that will open a window that shows the image of an image. 8. Drag and drop the Photoshop image you want on top of the current image. That show show the image you want. 9. Be sure you type in the menu title you want. The default is my movie. 10. Click OK which will bring you back to the main Toast window. Proceed as usual. If this does not work Then contact tech support directly. Tech support does not monitor these support group posts. Good
  16. I have Creator NTX3 and have been using it quite successfully for years but after a three month rest from creating home videos with Videowave I receive this screen message when I attempt to add video clips. I have reloaded the Installation DVD and clicked on repair but this has not cured the problem. Can you suggest anything else? Laptop details: Inspiron 3541 Processor: AMD A6-6310 APU Radeon R4 Graphics 1.80 GHz Installed RAM: 8.00GB (6.93 GB usable) System tope: 64-but operating system, x64-based processor Windows 10 home, Version 1809, Installed on 2019-0521, OS build 17763.864 Screen shot of message
  17. Bobby-Beeb

    Issues with Catalina 10.15.1

    For all of us struggling to get Toast Titanium 18 Pro and MyDVD Pro to work with the latest version of Catalina - this is what I have had from the chat line! Sorry to inform. This is actually an ongoing issue and we currently do not have a fix for it yet. However, our Engineering team is already aware of it and are investigating. I am still waiting to hear back from them. I have no time frame as to when the issue will be resolved, but I will surely let you know as soon as I get word
  18. I am using NXT 4. I can open the learning center and get a selection of the different subjects. If I click on one of the subjects, I get a list of PDF files to view. When I try to open one of the PDF files, nothing happens. Can someone help please? Jim Birke
  19. bohalloran

    Customizing DVD Menus in Toast 18 Pro on a Mac

    My guess is that you have come across one of the limitations of toast. I have been using toast for many years. Over all these years there have been comments from users that they want much more freedom to create personally created menus rather than the ones provide by the app. Being able to have animations and much feature rich menus is what has been commented on. For what ever reasons, Roxio has not enabled that kind of feature. Hope you find an app that allows for that and includes the features in toast as well.
  20. Don't know is this closer or weirder to a solution. Copied the DVD folders and renamed the VTS_02_1.VOB (which is the SlideShow file) to VTS_02_1.mpg The file then plays OK with Windows Media but still locks up with VLC player. When I tried bringing in the file into VideoWave the file still has the split screen when transitioning to the next picture. I then brought the same file into MyDvd . When I viewed the file on the left it played fine. When I played back the file on the top right the transitions locked up with the split images? At this point if I could change the video to 4:3 I could stream the files to my TV.
  21. bdl1024

    creating the best video file?

    Thank you for your help!
  22. Copy the VTS_01_?.vob files to a new folder. Change all the vob extensions to mpg. Does each file play correctly? Now, add each mpg file in Videowave (in the correct sequence). Can you now create a new video file correctly? Exactly what are you playing when you get the "split" images. Of course NXT does not recognize the "Slideshow" folder as playable.
  23. Then the DVD's wouldn't have read errors! Something else is at play here. Try copying a slideshow DVD to another blank DVD (copy disc program) and does it play OK?
  24. The SlideShow Folder on the DVDs contain the .jpg files. The DVDs in question were created with old Sonic Software RecordNow7 or MyDVD06 (Year 2003 or 2004). The back-up files on the hard drive are very different from Creator and NXT. All DVDs play fine on our TV's DVD which I thought would make this easy. So at this point I am going to let it go because I am assuming the source files are incompatible.
  25. LeeTXJD97

    Background audio comes out phased and distorted

    This appears to be the same problem I experience with NXT6. I have spent MONTHS with tech support. All of their suggestions are WORTHLESS. I even created screen captures to prove what is going on. They (tech support) continually feign ignorance to attempt to close the inquiry number. Interestingly, I finally came across one tech who mentioned this is a common complaint. Here is what I discovered - for whatever reason when the program creates the audio proxy file, it creates a “corrupted” proxy audio file. The longer the video to be edited, the more fuzzy/corrupt the sound will progressively become. It is clearly a problem with how the program extracts audio from the video when it creates the proxy file. They may have hard coded an improper setting into the program or something. You can confirm this yourself by changing the default audio proxy directory in settings and then listening to the audio file it creates. I can’t figure out if the program uses the proxy file for rendering or if it creates another temporary (yet also corrupt) audio file.  This is repeatable on multiple machines. An i9 - MacBook running windows duel boot - even my surface 4. All of them exhibit this behavior. I believe they use ffmpeg to extract, but I still don't know how it is called up for the conversation. This is entirely due to a poorly crafted program. I can replicate the problem with multiple machines and differing files. It is not your drivers (video or sound) - it is NOT a machine dependent problem. It is a bug that Roxio/Corel must address. I was hoping a fix would be issued by Roxio/Corel to take care of it. Contact tech support via email in this site. Let them log a complaint. https://www.roxio.com/en/support/
  26. What is contained in the folder "Slideshows"? Where did it come from? Does the Video_TS folder play correctly?
  27. Sounds to me like the slideshow DVD's have unrecoverable read errors. There isn't a fix for that.
  28. Yes All DVD's have the Video_TS folder with ifo, bup, vob extensions. BUT the DVDs that have slideshows that lock up also have a folder called Slideshow. As you can see from above I have used several Sonic/Roxio products that might be the issue. Also wondering if it is a Window 10 / QuickTime is the issue????? I am trying to get away from DVDs and go to Video streaming so I want to convert my old DVDs.
  29. bimicher

    BurnerState_EncodingMenu failure

    Link to NXT 7 BlueRay Plugin but you already bought the plugin so there is no pint in buying it again
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