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  2. theoldarchiver

    Get ISO image file out of Toast 17?

    I haven’t confirmed this for v17, but for a long list of previous versions: you could save a project as a Disk Image file, which would get the .toast extension. If you rename that in Finder to .iso, then you’ll find that is is compatible with many Windows burning software. It won’t make your PC read the Mac file system (HFS/HFS+/APFS), but for DVD-Video (UDF file system) that is not an issue.
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  4. aquancer

    Audio Capture

    Mute is not checked and I raised the volume. still not working.
  5. ogdens

    Audio Capture

    Two more to check
  6. Hi, just would like to know how I can get an ISO image file as the result of a Toast burning operation so I can burn a DVD out of the ISO file on a Windows computer. I have only my MacBook Air available but not the recorder. Thanks for your help!
  7. aquancer

    Audio Capture

    No matter what I try, I have not been able to get this problem fixed. I have spoken with the Roxio tech and they don't know either. So far no one have been able to figure it out.
  8. If you bought it from Best Buy, it had to be validated for it to work. I have not heard that the second install had an issue. There is a limit on the number of times it needed to be installed (not repaired). The best bet to get this fixed is to contact Roxio/Corel directly for a new key/procedure.
  9. Last week
  10. Hello, I have the Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus software that I had purchased from BestBuy a while back and when I am trying to reinstall it on my new computer, I am getting an error stating, 'The Product Key you entered is not valid.." I am getting the product key straight from the disc sleeve. What is odd is that I was able to go register it on online and it recognizes that same serial number just fine. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  11. Hopefully! Thanks for taking the time to help out. Cheers
  12. I am not sure what you are encountering is normal in win 10, I have Win 7 and it is entirely different. Hopefully another fellow user will drop in and help.
  13. I see the two entries within device manager, but I only see what I've shown in the screenshots below elsewhere. The larger screenshot shows the main "devices and printers" page and the "Roxio Video Capture USB" properties. The second screenshot is the "Hardware" tab of the device's properties. The properties of the entries there appear to match what I'm seeing in Device Manager. Just not sure why Windows shows it as only an audio device - perhaps this is OK and it's just misleading.
  14. "Just an aside, when I look at "Bluetooth or other devices" or "devices and printers" within Windows 10 I only see "roxio video capture USB" as an audio device. Is that correct? " Are you seeing this as well as the 2 devices in " sound video and game controllers" .
  15. I've attached pictures of the connections (apologies if they're huge, I'm attaching from my phone). I'm connecting using yellow/red/white rca connectors from the vcr out into the capture device. The capture device is connected to a USB 2.0 port on the back of my computer. As for the vcr, I was able to use it alongside the old dongle on an old Windows 7 computer within the last month or two. So I know it works at least that well. Unfortunately that computer wasn't up to the task of capturing the video. Everything captured was jumpy and unwatchable, I assume because it wasn't abke to capture and encode quickly enough. Just an aside, when I look at "Bluetooth or other devices" or "devices and printers" within Windows 10 I only see "roxio video capture USB" as an audio device. Is that correct? Thanks
  16. You have got the right drivers,so tell us how you have got your VCR hooked up to your capture device...details. User guide https://www.roxio.com/static/roxio/docs/guides/gsg/VHStoDVD3/Easy_VHS_to_DVD_GSG_ENU.pdf
  17. I do see two "Roxio Video Capture USB" entries in device manager; nothing under other devices. I've followed the instructions here with no luck:
  18. With the USB device plugged in open device manager, expand sound video and game controllers. Should show the two drivers like the pic below. If you show a 'other devices' entry that may be a problem .
  19. That's what I did, but it won't recognize the capture device. I've followed all the instructions I can find on how to get this to work but it always behaves the same way. I've downloaded the latest update and the x64 windows 10 drivers but to no avail. Are you aware of a definitive or ideally official set of instructions to get this to work?
  20. Make sure to install the software before you plug in the capture device.
  21. My dad gave it to me with creator NXT 4. I had just assumed they came together. I believe he also had an older version of vhs to dvd, so perhaps he got it with that. I bought easy vhs to dvd 3 today, and am currently trying to get it up and running on my windows 10 computer.
  22. You would have to buy the software. Where did you get the usb Capture device?.
  23. Any chance the capture device is available on it's own? Or would we have to buy the software as well? I imagine VHS to DVD 3 would be better than what we already have given that it's newer and designed specifically for what we need, but I'd prefer to not have to. Thanks
  24. Try this https://www.roxio.com/en/products/easy-vhs-to-dvd/standard/?gclid=CjwKCAjw8e7mBRBsEiwAPVxxiEGWXUDU-Gxdpv4-o0VV0D1XnagDKk0qgvsPMAEsC6s16qf831J1zRoCSXcQAvD_BwE#system-requirements
  25. Arthur Vandelay

    Mount .sd2f to desktop

    Unfortunately, there are so many other issues with v.16 and v.17 that I’ve had to move on to other ways to archive and burn discs, since Corel/Roxio seems to have lost touch with what is important to its users. I was able to resolve the issue, but not without some serious effort and time dedication. I completely erased my root drive (SSD) and re-installed OSX 10.9 (yes, Mavericks). Then updated to Yosemite, El Capitan, then Sierra, checking to see if SD2F files would mount at each install (which they did). I am now on Mojave (10.14.4) and the function to mount SD2F files works consistently. No idea what is or where the issue lies, but there is a MacOS systemic issue that causes this with Toast. Even though I had everything backed up, it was a long and difficult road to get my system back to where I wanted it. Proceed with caution, but in the end, this seems to work. Good luck!
  26. Apologies if there is a better place for this, please let me know if there is. My father has asked for my help in digitizing his old VHS tapes and has previously purchased Creator NXT Pro 4. I ran into some issues and was told by Roxio support that the capture device I was using was not compatible with Windows 10. Can someone recommend a USB capture device compatible with Windows 10? I searched the Roxio store, but they don't seem to sell the capture device on it's own. Thanks for any guidance you can provide.
  27. jazzbuph

    Mount .sd2f to desktop

    This has been an on and off issue with Toast for years. There was a long period about 5 years ago where the mounting of sd files stopped working. After a couple of versions and lots of complaints, it suddenly was restored again. I use toast mainly to back up CDs by burning to disc, and then mounting them later. This is also important because if I no longer have the CD, it's the only way to import into iTunes and get the track retrieval and stuff like that. I'm now unable to mount discs again with v16, even though it worked up until a few months ago. I'm still on High Sierra, so going to Mojave is not the issue. So I don't know if it's an update in High Sierra, or an update in Toast, that started the problem/removed the feature. BUT IT"S A BIG DEAL! Without this, I simply won't be using Toast anymore. And it screws me unless other tools will mount them and allow for the track information rather than just a single huge file. I simply don't understand why they remove this feature...and,, as noted, when burning to disc creates an sdII file! It doesn't make sense. Roxio! Get it together!!!

    Coverting VideoWave to a DVD

    Hi Ed.. Once you have completed your videowave production, save it to a folder you name and make and place all of the video, audio and photos in that same folder that you used for the videowave. Save the videowave productrtion to a name of your choice (it should be a DMSM type file. Now open the program MyDVD and open your videowave program by going to that dmsm file. Once in MyDVD change or edit it as you want and burn it to a DVD disk.
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