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  2. The only way to get your key reset is to contact Roxio Support. Roxio has NO presence on this forum, its used by fellow users.
  3. Roxio / corel is just a disgusting company with absolutely no ethics as far as I can determine To buy a piece of software and then have these morons tell you that " the key has been used too many times" is a F*****&* outrage ! YEAH, it's just happened to me. Maybe one day you might wanna consider crawling out of the gutter Sad.
  4. woodsro

    AC3 file not importing with video

    I'm trying to make a blu-ray with 5.1 sound and as I understand it, the only way to do that is to stop Toast from re-encoding the files? Because everything else I've tried seems to convert them to stereo PCM. And apparently they always re-encode h.264 so I made an HD video file that's mpeg 2 and an ac3 with the exact same name kept in the same folder. But when I import the video into toast it just says Audio:None and never prompts to look for any and I don't know of any way of getting it to attach. Is there a better way to make a bluray with surround sound? Does Toast even support it anymore? If it does I'd love to hear what formats and workflows others are using.
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  6. Brendon

    EMC10 Says Drives Are Disabled

    EMC10 uses a system that Roxio called the PX Engine to recognize and link with your optical drive(s). I think yours may have been broken by something. Please read this topic. Start at the 6th message on that thread, written by Guru cdanteek, and follow his instructions precisely. His message contains a zipped PXEngine installer, and instructions on how to run that installer with the "/pxhelponvista" parameter. (Even if you're not running in Vista) Using this to reinstall your PX Engine should fix your problem. It has helped a large number of users.
  7. My EMC10 Suite now reports "All your drives are set to disabled" and doesn't continue loading the main program. Iv'e not added or changed anything for over 2 years All my drives are enabled and accessible. Any ideas for this? Thank you
  8. Hi Jim,

    Have you seen a dropped Video signal while recording via the Roxio USB device? This seems to happen randomly while making the initial recording. Nothing short of a system restart solves this.

    Unistalling then installing the program and restarting does not work

    Closing the program and restarting does not work

    Unplugging and plugging in the USB does not work

    I have seen this at 2 minutes and 20 minutes. The device just stops video signals. Audio still goes through but the picture freezes.


    After a computer reboot it works but that means you have to sit through the whole capture process to ensure it's working fine.

  9. I am using OS 10.15.5 on a MacBook Pro and have the same problem. I just submitted a ticket through the Corel website and will let you know how they reply. It recognizes the hardware on my older Mac upstairs running High Sierra though I haven't actually captured any video on that system yet.
  10. Chris Nicola

    Sound Editor Can't Import MP4 Files

    Thanks. I tried GSpot. This is the information it displays. Size 69.6 MB (71,328 KB / 73,040,652 bytes) Container isom: MP4 Base Media v1 [IS0 14496-12:2003] - iso2: MP4 Base Media v2 [ISO 14496-12:2005] - mp41: MP4 v1 [ISO 14496-1:ch13] Audio Codec: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC Info: 44100Hz 96 kb/s , mono (1/0) Status: Undetermined I am not sure if that helps. The file plays fine using any of the media players I have. It just won't load into the sound editor. Kind regards Chris
  11. cdanteek

    Sound Editor Can't Import MP4 Files

    You can't cut out a small generic clip to poke at? If not your on your own try the free Download GSpot 2.70a GSpot establishes what video and audio codecs are required to play any video. Shows framerate, duration, aspect ratio, bitrates, structure info, and more. Supports AVI, MPG, VOB, DVD, VCD, SVCD, MP4, FLV, MOV, QT, RM, SWF, WMV, ASF.
  12. Chris Nicola

    Sound Editor Can't Import MP4 Files

    Thank you very much for your reply. You may very well be right, that it is a non compliant mp4 file. I don't have permission to share the file, but here are some of the properties I can read in the description. Length 01:39:19 Bit rate 95 Kbps Channels 1 (mono) Audio sample rate 44,100 KHz Name SN.MP4 Item type MP4 video file Size 69.6 MB Attributes A. Kind regards Chris
  13. cdanteek

    Sound Editor Can't Import MP4 Files

    My guess you have a non-compliant MP4 Audio File. Your NXT 4 audio import supports MP4, ' Audio: Audio CD, MP3, WAV, WMA, Dolby Digital AC-3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, M4a, MP4, Playlists (WPL, ASX, M3U, PLS, XSPF)' Can you upload this SN.mp4? So we can download it a poke it with a stick?
  14. I have Roxio Creator NXT4 on Windows 10. The sound editor works fine but cannot import MP4 audio Files. The MP4 audio files will import on other sound editors like Audacity. Is there a way I can add the missing codec so I can import MP4 audio files with Roxio Sound editor? Your advice would be appreciated. Kind regards Chris.
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  16. ogdens

    Xbox One No Signal, No Display.

    The "Red No Signal" means that your Capture Card is not getting a valid signal from you Xbox. As a quick test, do you have anything else around with an HDMI signal output (DVD player). You can use that to prove the RGC is ok or not.
  17. Blu Moon

    Burnt by Toast

    In spite of all the negative reviews, I bought Toast 18 Pro to use on my iMac. I had a previous version, Toast Titanium 12 which worked flawlessly on the same iMac until the Catalina upgrade. Well I have not been able to get this new Toast to work. When I initially installed it, it launched but as soon as I clicked on th “Video” tab in the program, it crashed and would not launch afterward. Instead when I tried to launch the program I got a window with an impossibly long code. I was advised to disconnect all devices from my Mac except the keyboard and mouse and try again. I restored my Mac from a Time Machine Backup prior to the Toast installation and tried again. Nope! Same exact problem! Clicking on the functions of the program, everything seemed to be responding until I clicked on the “Video” tab! Same issue of a big window of error codes and programs will not launch. At this point I have no faith in the downloaded program’s integrity. I did pay a little extra for the backup disc but it has not arrived yet and I have no idea when it will. I have ran the Restore from Time Machine backup feature again to remove all trace of the program. I have not had a single issue with any other program I’ve installed on this Mac and I have certainly not needed to disconnect anything or uninstall anything to get any other program to work. I’d be interested in learning how anyone else has been able to use this software successfully. All I want to use it for is Blu-ray burning and copying my original content. I should note that I do have a Blu Ray Player program installed. Do I need to remove that?
  18. Ben Goldsmith

    Xbox One No Signal, No Display.

    Ogden, Would you have a solution to this problem?
  19. Ben Goldsmith

    Xbox One No Signal, No Display.

    It wasn't that I had them both connected to the same TV it was that I tested and switched out both and they keep giving me this no signal issue and I've already tried nearly every troubleshooting issues I've seen on similar issues on this forum and online and nothing is working. Honestly, If I don't fix this soon I might just request a refund and get a different Game Capture.
  20. sknis

    Adobe Flash Player

    Not many other things to do? Perhaps have your eyes checked? This is in the forum for PhotoShow and has nothing to do with PhotoShop.
  21. LeeTXJD97

    VideoWave audio distorts after splitting track

    Roxio just needs to fix this bug. It has existed for years. This appears to be the same problem I experience with NXT6. I have spent MONTHS with tech support. All of their suggestions are WORTHLESS. I even created screen captures to prove what is going on. They (tech support) continually feign ignorance to attempt to close the inquiry number. Interestingly, I finally came across one tech who mentioned this is a common complaint. Here is what I discovered - for whatever reason when the program creates the audio proxy file, it creates a “corrupted” proxy audio file. The longer the video to be edited, the more fuzzy/corrupt the sound will progressively become. It is clearly a problem with how the program extracts audio from the video when it creates the proxy file. They may have hard coded an improper setting into the program or something. You can confirm this yourself by changing the default audio proxy directory in settings and then listening to the audio file it creates. I can’t figure out if the program uses the proxy file for rendering or if it creates another temporary (yet also corrupt) audio file.  This is repeatable on multiple machines. An i9 - MacBook running windows duel boot - even my surface 4. All of them exhibit this behavior. I believe they use ffmpeg to extract, but I still don't know how it is called up for the conversation. This is entirely due to a poorly crafted program. I can replicate the problem with multiple machines and differing files. It is not your drivers (video or sound) - it is NOT a machine dependent problem. It is a bug that Roxio/Corel must address. I was hoping a fix would be issued by Roxio/Corel to take care of it. Contact tech support via email in this site. Let them log a complaint. https://www.roxio.com/en/support/ Here is how you can confirm you are experiencing the same bug: 1) Change the Proxy Files location to an easy to get to folder so you can detect when the proxy files have completed rendering. 2) I delete all proxy files. 3) When a video file is first loaded - playback is fine. (Rendering at this point will result in corrupt audio in the final result because they use the proxy file for rendering). 4) For every video edit, VideoWave creates an audio proxy file in the Proxy Files location. When the proxy file is finished I save the production - enter a new production, then reload the saved production. This will then cause VideoWave to access the proxy file. If you listen to the proxy file in a different program, like VLC, the audio is corrupted and distorted. 5) Once reloaded - the audio for the file beyond around 7-10 minutes is corrupted. 6) Even more interesting is that if I delete the proxy file and reload the production, the sound is fine - until the proxy file is created and the production reloaded. 7) Once reloaded the audio is once again corrupt. -Lee
  22. Meridian

    Adobe Flash Player

    I no longer use Photoshop as I have switched to Apple. However, I understand Adobe Flash Player will be discontinued at the end of the year.
  23. sknis

    Adobe Flash Player

    Make sure you have the latest version of PhotoShow. Also this.
  24. klausvonlimburgerhof

    Server down ?

    Since a few days the search for updates within Roxio pro 18 ends with following error message : Error while updating! An error occurred while loading the update information. Please try again later. - Is it because the server is down ( for days ) ? - Or is something wrong with the app and i have to do a new, clean installation ? Do anyone else have the same problem ? ( by the way : I am from Germany ) Greetings ... Klaus
  25. wjhanson

    Adobe Flash Player

    I have Windows 10. When trying to upload new photoshow to my online acct, message that i must install Adobe Flash player but I already have it on computer. How do I upload new photoshow?
  26. My VHS To DVD works however, It will not record sound. When I tried to update it, it won't download an update. Stay at 0%. ROXIO PLEASE HELP!!!
  27. cdanteek

    roxio vhs to dvd serial number

    Post a screen shot of it after you enter the CD Key and click next?
  28. Hi I have an old roxio VHS to DVD but tried to put on my new pc and after putting serial number in it wont let me go on to next page ??
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