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  2. LinkleCrafty

    RGC Pro HD to OBS with Nintendo switch

    So i bought the roxio for streaming, but when i first got it everything worked fine until at a certain point the resolutions wasn't good anymore and after time it wasn't showing up anymore on my OBS. So i wonder, is it my converter (HDMI to DVI) or is it the roxio? If you have answer for me it would be helpfull. Thanks again LinkleCrafty
  3. geb3@aol.com

    MyDVD wont burn disc

    Have MyDVD Pro on a Imac Running Mohave 10.14.5. Have a Super Drive USB disc burner. Made the DVD format with music, chapter markers, etc. Looks great on preview. When I burn, the resulting disc is out of focus, text distorted and missing part of the title. Have it in NTSC format. Thought the problem might be aspect ratio, but can find no place to changer it. Do not have Project Preferences under File. Help
  4. You had better contact Roxio directly. I don't think anybody in this Forum has that program or knows anything about it
  5. Hello, Secure Burn Enterprise 4 is a commercial Volume Licensing product, and that is why there is no forum for it on this board. This is a User bulletin board, and if you were to try to discuss security problems here there would be no security at all, would there. Please contact the Roxio VLP people to address your problem. Thanks lots, Brendon
  6. I have configured permissions manager to force writing with 'Secure Burn Only' and enabled logging. On the user side, the 'use Secure burn only' box is checked/locked (greyed out) but users are able to uncheck the 'logging' box. This severely undermines our security posture and needs to fixed or else we will have to find a different product. Sorry to post in general chat but I couldn't find Secure Burn in the drop down menus.
  7. Speeduip

    NTX6 upgrade to NXT7

    Hi Brendon Thanks for the answer. The advantage is the split screen and audo ducking would be handy.
  8. Brendon

    NTX6 upgrade to NXT7

    Hi, You don't need to have NXT 6 already installed when you're installing NXT 7. I think you could probably just install NXT 7 over the top of 6, but I would prefer to uninstall 6 before installing 7, to avoid the chance of things getting tangled up. What advantage do you hope to gain from changing from 6 to 7?
  9. When upgrading from NTX6 to NTX7 doyou have to uninstall the old program. Or do you have to install the upgrade with the old program still installed. I have serched this question and found no answers at all.
  10. connorhawke

    Audio Delay Problem

    I'm having the same issue with some of my Video8/Hi8 tapes, how do you change the digitizing rate and should I apply it in my case? I am importing using a DCR-TRV350 backwards-compatible Digital8 camcorder, FireWire400 cable, FireWire400-800 adapter, FireWire800-Thunderbolt2 adapter, and iMovie.
  11. sapphireglaceon


    is there a way to fix this from crashing ive tried everything
  12. DaveyRich

    Audio-Video Sync Problem

    I downloaded a 60-minute mpeg-4 video from a British website. There is no copy-protection and the website encourages people to download and use the file. I want to create a DVD that will play in a DVD player here in the USA. I dragged the mpeg-4 file into Toast-18 and attempted to convert the format and burn a NTSC DVD. Toast-18 told me the converted file was in PAL standard and gave me the opportunity to change the burn to NTSC - which I did. I was able to get a DVD that plays in my DVD player. But the audio and video are not in sync. The audio is about 1-second ahead of the video. How can I get this in sync?
  13. sapphireglaceon


    t-cu000 CTO
  14. ogdens


    Whats the rest of the numbers hp pavilion dv 15 ?????? Theres no such thing as a normal computer!!
  15. sapphireglaceon


    its a normal computer 2019 model hp pavilion dv 15
  16. ogdens


    Whats the MODEL #?
  17. What did you just change/update? Have you checked for viruses?
  18. bohalloran

    Toast just keeps crashing

    What OS are you running? I've read where Toast does not play friendly with Mojave and vise versa.
  19. sapphireglaceon


    yes and yes
  20. ogdens


    Here is a long shot " Have you tried ALL the usb ports on your laptop and your laptop must be running with AC power adapter".
  21. sapphireglaceon


    yea i dont know what to do either i looked up if there are fixes and as of now there are none which proves the statement of my thread
  22. chadcane@gmail.com

    VideoWave crashes before while adding videos

    Mine just started doing the same and there is no error message
  23. ogdens


    I'm stumped.
  24. sapphireglaceon


    i put the usb in to the slot after i did the installation and updates
  25. ogdens


    One more try....... When you prepared to install the new unit, did you have the Roxio USB plugged into the PC before you put the disc in.
  26. sapphireglaceon


    no your just xxxxx no offense
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