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  2. tented

    Right Channel Loud White Noise

    OK, I’m getting predictable results now, after a lot of testing. The issue centers around which audio options are used on the Encoding tab of the Customize menu. If I use Auto, then everything works fine. If I select Custom, and use 16/48 bit, then everything works fine, too. However, if I use 24/48 or 24/96, then I get white noise. Hopefully this helps!
  3. Reelmagic

    Poor video and now no video

    So my wife bought this a while back to transfer our wedding video which we did. The video came out poor with a lot of red and green shading and the top and bottom of the video curling at times. I just thought that it was a 21 year old video it is what it is. But today I was going to transfer 3 other videos and in the preview screen they too had the same issues. Then while trying one of them for a second time all I got was audio. So I thought we’ll maybe it’s the vcr or cables. I changed cables, same thing. Then I connected it direct to the tv and guess what none of the videos, including the wedding video have any of the issues I saw on the roxio screen. They look as good as a VHS could look. So now it appears I have a bad roxio usb dongle. Any thoughts. If it is the dongle will roxio replace it? Thanks
  4. Newt20

    Dual Layer Discs

    I bought blank dual layer discs, thinking I wouldn’t have to compress my dvds as much when making copies. But... when I insert the blank disc, the level of compression shows the same percentage reduction as when I have a regular blank disc in. So what am I missing here? Shouldn’t the level of compression be much lower when burning to a 8.5GB disc than a 4.7 one?
  5. Pangolin Gumbo

    [mp4] is in an unsupported format and cannot be imported

    What a cunch...
  6. Back again! The update sp3 turns Easy VHS to DVD 3 into Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus that part is solved. Now back to MP3 support in Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. Go to start all programs and double click Sound Editor. And this opens. Now click add audio file and add your MP3's as I did. Now tell me does your Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus, Sound Editor support MP3's?
  7. You keep saying you have Easy VHS to DVD 3 even show a box saying that! But this pic you posted says Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. Give me a build number of your installed Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. So I booted to an image and installed Easy VHS to DVD 3 so basically I wasted my time doing that. No need to post a super long post describing other things please just answer my questions?
  8. The first thing the setup guide tells you to do on page 7 is to install the software! On page 12 of the setup guide, it tells you to connect your Roxio USB Device! Didn't you understand " Windows installs a generic USB driver and it stays that way until it is deleted/uninstalled ! " ? The Roxio USB Device runs on drivers x86 or x64 and they have to be installed correctly, first install the software then plugin the Roxio USB Device. Now back to your original question Input Formats: Video: MPEG2, AVC (H.264) Audio: WAV, mp3, ogg Vorbis, FLAC, WMA, AAC (m4a) Output Formats: Video: DVD, ISO, MPEG2, AVC (H.264) Audio: WAV, mp3, ogg Vorbis, FLAC, WMA, AAC Disc: DVD, Mini DVD Your Easy VHS to DVD 3 doesn't have Sound Editor like your fist pic? Where did you get your Easy VHS to DVD 3 and when?
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  10. tented

    Right Channel Loud White Noise

    Never mind .... the problem has returned.
  11. That was a mistake a bunch of folks make and it screws up your system because Windows installs a generic USB driver and it stays that way until it is deleted/uninstalled ! Did you install the software before plugging in the Roxio USB Device?
  12. tjs22655

    Adding subtitles

    I am wanting to add subtitles to a video in Videoware NXT Pro 7. I suppose I could use the Add Text feature but wondered if anyone had an ideas. Thanks all.
  13. tented

    Right Channel Loud White Noise

    I fixed this by doing a complete uninstall & reinstall, using instructions on this page.
  14. I'm increasingly getting this error message when dragging mp4s into the recording area in order to burn a DVD5. The mp4s in question are YT downloads that I am burning to disk for a relative who has no internet access. Thanks for any tips?
  15. Agent99

    LP and Tape Assistant

    I just uninstalled Creator NXT 7 and reinstalled Creator 2011. Now I'm back to having track separators inserted each time I hit pause, as I stay with the record as it plays. I also use an Audio -Technica AT-LP-USB turntable.
  16. Jinker

    LP and Tape Assistant

    I tried various versions of Creator to digitise my LP's and nothing did what I wanted. My old Crosley case player came with its own software which from what I can tell is a cut down version of the free programme Audacity. I now just record a side keep recording and turn the LP over and go until it finishes. I then split the tracks and name them myself. It seems there's very little out there that will do the job properly of splitting tracks and tagging the songs. I've now bought an Audio Technics turntable and the start up guide just points you to Audacity.
  17. I got the same message, when I wanted to use my registered Toast 18 Pro on my second Mac Pro (with a SSD-Clone). Removing the file mentioned above did not help. The path was there. Reinstalling, restarting several times, removing everything from Corel on the system did not help either. What a nightmare. I am now burning images just with MacOS, which might be the better solution anyway. Just changing the license quickly from on Mac to the other? NO CHANCE
  18. AmericanZero

    480p only

    I am also experiencing this exact issue on the PS4 console. After setting the HD game capture device up, I am able to see the PS4 screen on the TV in whatever resolution in 1080p. But, Once I open the game capture software and select capture, the TV picture becomes distorted and I get the error :Capture device lost" on the PC. However, IF i set the resolution of the PS4 console to 480p. The HD capture pro works, as I imagine it's supposed, displaying both on the TV and allowing capture to the PC without erroring or crashing. This of course is a far cry from the 1080 advertised. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software numerous times with absolutely no change in performance.
  19. Agent99

    LP and Tape Assistant

    I have a similar situation when trying to digitize my vinyl records. I used Creator 2011 for years and had it set to add a track separator each time I hit "pause". Creator NXT 7 will not do that even though I have the box ticked in Advanced Options. I thing upgrading was a waste of time and money.
  20. Killroy

    Toast 18 Pro will not burn work

    Then they should stop selling it before someone takes the to court. It is not an upgrade from Toast 17.
  21. Post Pro

    Toast 18 Pro will not burn work

    I'm guessing it's way past time to give up. I've re-installed an older version just to be able to function. Probably too late for a refund at this point as well... LOL!
  22. RezDawg

    Burn Large .mov video to 1 DVD

    Anybody help me fit a large 37gb .mov video to one dvd disk, how do I do that? I'm new to Toast.
  23. Problem solved. As I was trying to remember something I need to do. I stumbled upon my profile of sorts and discovered that I had asked several questions back 2007. I checked my previous questions and they were about burning Photoshows in Creator 10. Since I still have creator 10 I installed it and I now have Photoshows back.So all's well that ends well or something like that. Thanks to all who scratched their heads and tried to think of a solution for me.
  24. Bit have you ever tried the Slide Show program in Windows 10? I have no other suggestions. Has the client used Roxio programs like Video wave? Yes, the Corel photo editing program seems to be complex but there are "automatic" settings to make it easier. Pinnacle has SmartMovie as their slide show offering. At one time you could download the PhotoShows from the web and save them. I don't know if that is still available. As with other software, if Flash goes away, your client will need to get other current software anyway. Yvette, did you try FastFlicks or any other video editing program to make your slide shows? Google for other software. Rizzo, get Yvette, BitGuru, his client and a whole lot others to see what can be done to resurrect PhotoShow by contacting Roxio/Corel. It would have to be a whole new program though.
  25. Skins, Yes, my client just paid for a yearly subscription. I told him that it is unlikely that this program will be around much longer and should work to save his shows as videos. I actually don’t know much about slide show programs. I am a Systems Analyst and rebuild computers/remove viruses. I actually found a discount for Corel VideoStudio which is supposed to have FastFlick built in. I got a trial copy to try out myself. However my client is very familiar with PhotoShow and resistant to learning something new. His first impression of VideoStudio was “way over my head”. My challenge is finding some thing that he will feel comfortable using. If you have any suggestions for free slide show programs online that would be appreciated Last question. Is there an easy way that he can save his PhotoShows as videos so they can be backed up somewhere other than the server and uploaded to YouTube or Facebook? thanks so much! Bitguru
  26. Pach

    burn project over multiple discs

    Brendon, Thank You. I'll give it a try.
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