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    I just paid for Toast 18 on Aug. 17 from the Corel online store. Less than one month later, Toast 19 came out and I am told I have to pay again for it and there is no free upgrade? I literally know of no other software company that does not give free upgrades to customers who purchase just before a major upgrade. This is a real scam. I will be telling my 500+ Mac support clients not to buy Toast any more.
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    i bought (and got burned by the qualify of) Toast 18 four months ago.. Now I'm supposed to pay 99 bucks again? If they want to give me a free upgrade I'll try it.. but I'm not paying the 99 bucks again.
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    I have it and the Pro Res problem is fixed. Now I can burn files from Final Cut X. I got it as an payed upgrade to Toast 18 Pro.
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    I see there is now a Toast 19. Has anyone tried it? Have they solved the issues we have all been experiencing in this thread? Is it unrealistic to expect a free upgrade to Version 19 in order to solve our dilemma? ;-p Matt