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    Historically, Roxio, and Adaptec before them, did not concern themselves with being backwards compatible, at least with their Creator application. Most releases were not compatible with the prior release build files. The ability to open such files with subsequent versions always fell on deaf ears.
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    I haven't used Roxio-Gracenote for years because it is so unreliable!
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    Raymond, I still have Roxio 11, it works fine. You do not need a new one. You can load it using a Super drive with USB and use your code, or download from Roxio directly using your code. Check your Launch Pad and see your Roxio is in. It shall work with MacBook Air. Why do'nt you login to Icould , which may still have the Roxio 11. Try it it should work. Good luck. Thanks
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    Hello, I have used Roxio for over 25 years now, going back to Media Creator. It is the single best piece of software that I have ever owned. Upgrades are painful, excruciatingly so. Problems are 100% to be expected. When we paying customers engage Technical Support, we are barraged with questions, "Did we do this?", "Did we do that?", "Did we do this & that?", "Was this running?, "Was that updated?", etc., etc., etc., as if WE are the root cause of the installation problems of Roxio Creator, most certainly not Roxio, WITH ABSOLUTELY NO WRITTEN PUBLICATION OF EXACT & PRECISE INSTRUCTIONS TO FOLLOW in order for a fail-safe installation so that we can proceed to using the software for which we paid our money, rather than fixing it. Are you following me? Yes, I have been around the block, once or twice. I am not a technological novice. I know how "Support" attempts to get rid of us paying customers by NOT providing root cause solutions to problems that were intentionally sold to us, a Testing Department not in existence. BEFORE I PAY MY MONEY TO UPGRADE: What is the link to Roxio's written instructions on the exact & precise instructions for a problem-free installation of Roxio Creator NXT 7 Pro, $129.99? This question is asked because a casual perusal of the Roxio website demonstrates that customers apparently installed Roxio Creator NXT 7 Pro because of their grand ignorance of installation requirements, and not having ESP. Specifically, I have a fully up-to-date Windows 10 OS running Windows Defender. My objective here is for Roxio not to direct blame to ME for the failure of its $129.99 software to install on my computer. ALSO, I am upgrading because Record Your Screen is highly problematic, as the Roxio website will provide testimonials. I want to know how to use it with 100% confidence. In particular, I am sick-and-tired of Record Your Screen indicating that it is working for X number of minutes, only to record 6 seconds. I have a command of the English language, second to none. I articulate things well. I provide proof-positive data on the observations of the failure of the software that I purchase. Tech Support "professionals" are typically incapable of understanding the English language, using any prior "expertise" in what is purportedly their core competency and taking ownership of a "valued" customer's issue. Please, do not pawn me off to a rookie. My goal is to avoid the absolutely miserable installation nightmare that I had upgrading to version 4, which explains why I have waited to upgrade; and, I can wait longer. Thank you.
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    This is still a problem in Toast 18 Pro. All versions of 422 MOV files have worked in the past. It worked once when I upgraded to Toast Pro 18 and since then has failed to work. There's no reason a compressed codec such as 264 should work while a 422 file shows up on the Toast menu AND functions properly but shows up as only 904kb in the "on disc" menu. We've done the delete & reinstall "solution" but it is still not functioning. What's up Roxio? Here's the screenshot of what most of us are seeing. How about a real fix?
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    I had this message come up in MY DVD on the old computer and that and other issues with Roxio had me update my 8 year old box. This still happens on the new machine at times and like the old, the only solution seems to be rebooting the computer. The specs on my new computer are: Intel Core i7-8700 Desktop Processor 6 Cores up to 4.6GHz Turbo LGA1151 300 Series 65W BX80684i78700 Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 DRAM 2666MHz (PC4-21300) C16 Memory Kit - Black Samsung 960 EVO Series - 500GB NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD (MZ-V6E500BW) I didn't get a video or sound card (yet), but see no reason why this causes problems as I have a pretty screaming machine now. The video (today's at least) is over an hour long and I am trying to burn a disc image prior to burning to DVD. Any ideas? I would rather get it to stop doing that, than to have to reboot and try again. Thanks.
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    Rachel was kindly thanking Malatekid and reinforcing his suggestion.
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    Sadly they really did simplify it to the point of being next to useless The things you cite are gone. Creator 2012 is one of the best but only a eBay item these days and you have to be careful that you get the Product Key with it!
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    Thank you for your reply. I am perplexed however about Roxio/Corel's "honesty". I paid $25 for a One-Time Priority Support. The reply email I received from Ralf Jayrald Corel Customer Support Services asked me to post to this Toast 12 site. I didn't understand why but I so posted. I assumed I would have a dialog with a Roxio/Corel employee to discuss my issue/problem. Today when I checked the status on my Priority Support request I see it is marked Closed and I never had a reply from a Roxio employee, for which I paid $25. I wrote a reply to an email from their "support" asking about such but they have not replied. I see by my invoice that Roxio has an address in Funchal - Madeira, Portugal. I wonder about corporate "core competency" if the only reply to my $25 request is a well meaning guess from a fellow Toast-user. I naively hoped there would be a responsible employee that would know where metadata is hidden on my computer. Let the buyer beware for Roxio products.... regards