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    Moper and CDanteek, Sorry to be so long getting back to this. I had to find a spare HD and install XP on it, then ECDC 6, because I didn't have a disc formatted and written with Drag 2 Disc. I've done that now, and frankly I'm a bit perplexed about Moper's discs. Grab a coffee and read on . . . Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 does not have any specialized backup programs such as that BackOnTrack thing, so if Moper's discs were written by version 6 then they had to be written as standard unencrypted CDs by Disc Copier or Creator Classic, or a Universal Disc Format (UDF) packet-written disc by Drag2Disc. It seems Moper can't recall which program he used - it was a long time ago. Standard CDs are, well, standard. They can be read by any Windows machine. UDF packet-written discs are "different". They need an Operating System which can read them, or an add-on reader. [Roxio's updateudfreader is as useless as udders on a bull, since it won't install a reader, but will only update one if you already have one installed. Huh? ] So that's why I went back and formatted a UDF packet-written disc with Drag2Disc. It formatted fine, wrote fine, read fine in XP with D2D installed, and I even added a few files in subsequent sessions. I then uninstalled D2D and could no longer read the CD. Good! All working as it should. Here's what NXT 7 said about it (packet-written) and UltraISO said it was UDF as expected. But now came the problem - Windows 10 reads the CD! I tried it under Windows 10 Pro, and under 10 Home, just in case. They both read the CD without problem. I have thought hard about this, and without any info from Moper on what his machine told him about the discs, how he stored them, or how he tried to read them, the only guess I can make right now is that the CDs have deteriorated with age so they're mechanically unreadable. If they're still in good condition, Windows 10 should read them. Any thoughts, or further information Gents? Brendon