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    hey ! just wanted you to know you are not the only one having problems with Toast19 and MACOS Big Sur ( I was already having problems with T18 and Catalina) ... You are not Alone in your frustration :-)
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    Historically, Roxio, and Adaptec before them, did not concern themselves with being backwards compatible, at least with their Creator application. Most releases were not compatible with the prior release build files. The ability to open such files with subsequent versions always fell on deaf ears.
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    I'm not sure that can be stated as a blanket issue. I run Windows 11 and just fired up Creator NXT pro 8 with no problem. I hadn't used it since before upgrading.In fact I haven't used it in a while.The first time I opened it I got a notification about SP4.I downloaded and installed that and then restarted and the program opened up again with no issues. This may be an issue that affects you and some others but not all. Make sure you have SP4 installed and Windows update run to get all of the Windows 11 post install updates (I got a few). Other than that I don't know. There's obviously something on your computer setup that Creator doesn't like.
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    Installing any old application isn't much difficult. You have to follow steps one by one and your problem will be resolved. Firstly, go to program files. Next, just locate the .exe file. Which corresponds to the executable. Right click on it and then click on properties. It will show you a popup window, click on compatibility mode. Now select your operating system and click on Ok. That’s it… If you still facing any difficulty or confusion, then simply read this article 1 and follow it step by step and your problem will be resolved. You can also read this post for solution
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    I have taken the same path you have. I worked with the Toast technical folks for nearly an entire month and nothing they suggested would work. Frankly, I grew very disgusted with their approach. Besides getting useless suggestions, they seemed unwilling to respond to what I would send back to them as a result of trying what they recommended. I provided detailed written descriptions and screen shots. But their response was simply more unhelpful suggestions. Eventually, since I was using Apple's Final Cut Pro X, I contacted their technical support and they helped me figure out how to burn Blu-ray Discs with chapter markers. The result is not as elegant as I had hoped with Toast but at least it works. It is really too bad that Apple discontinued IDVD as that truly worked in the past. I have found no other option that seems capable of replicating what I could do before with that application. Frankly, I think Corel should be called out for selling a product with functionality that neither works, nor can be "fixed" by their own technical people. I have posted reviews everywhere I can to alert consumers about this. And, of course, I requested and got my money back. But this comes after chewing up multiple Blu-ray Discs in the process of discovering that the Toast "experts" could not help me solve this problem. For what it is worth, I went through this exact situation in 2020 with Toast 18 and was told they would be issuing a new version that would work. Well, Toast 19 Pro arrived and we are in the same place. While I realize that a lot of the world has turned to media accessed in ways other than DVDs, there still is a need for this in many instances. If you happen to be using the same Apple application I am for video editing, let me know and I'll tell you what they did to help me burn blu-ray disks with chapter markers.
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    When you burn it to DVD it will convert it to the standard needed.
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    That would have been a good option. Yes it has gone backwards in its look. I hate those icons which go along the top. I have reverted to Toast 18 and I hope it stays supported for a while on Mac OS particularly Big Sur. It just doesn’t look like a Mac product anymore. There are so many bits with Toast that we have had to put up with like the About dialogue looking a bit ropey for years but as soon as they messed up the interface that is a big bad decision and one that is gonna affect the sales of the product and possibly it’s lifespan now.
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    I have Macbook pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) 2.5 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 Mac OS 10.15.7 Catalina. I had to upgrade to Catalina so the new iPhone 12 would connect. My toast 14 wouldn't work so I bought Toast 19 Pro. After the install would crash upon launch, I would see launch then it would crash. I called tech support really no help, I did chat and no one was in that could help me, but they gave me a ticket number. Then i checked this forum out. jamesfrmphilly had a list o things to clear out or uninstall I followed the instructions and trashed the items listed plus anything that was labeled Roxio or Toast or Jam. I then ran a maintenance program on OnyX. and reinstalled Toast 19 Pro and it didn't crash. Thanks forum and jamesfrmphilly he posted the info on Jan 3
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    SUCCESS! I have spent the last 7 hours trying different combinations of settings to see if I can actually get a Blu Ray burned from a file that was created in OBS for Mac. I have included screenshots of the settings I used and when I was done massaging it, I was able to bring it into Toast 18 and it actually showed the correct file size and then I was able to burn a working Toast Disc Image and it DID NOT try and re-encode the file. I recorded it as .mkv as you can see in the settings.. then Using the program MKVtools, I changed the audio to AC3, 448 bit rate and saved it back to disk. Then I used tsMuxerGUI to convert it from .mkv to .m2ts and saved it back out. It seems that Toast doesn't like 30fps videos because it's looking for the NTSC default 29.97 fps. UPDATE: One thing I've noticed is now when I click on edit, the video isn't viewable, but the BluRay burns and plays just fine. When you click on EDIT in Toast Pro 17 it does show the video where you can set in and out marks for the burn. Seems like it's a V18 issue. Toast 17.4 (5589) Update Kills viewing video in the edit screen! I'm thinking the same thing happened in V18. I just successfully burned a Dual Layer Blu Ray with 28Gig of data on it. I hope these settings might give others some insight on how to get Toast 18 to work for them. Matt
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    That only allows you to change the background image I do believe. UPDATE: Just dragged and dropped a modified photoshop menu file and it only saves a 1 layer image.
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    I upgraded to VHS to DVD 3 yesterday. Windows 7 Ultimate. Video capture is working, but no audio. When I look at the device manager, the audio associated with the USB capture device is listed as "Dazzle Video Capture USB Audio Device" instead of a Roxio device. I have uninstalled the device, removed the USB device, rebooted, repaired the software, rebooted, inserted the USB device, but it keeps loading the same driver and listing it as the "Dazzle" audio. Help?
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    I neglected to read the above note from hermie54 before posting my last response. While ProRes422 indeed is used for editing, it's also been long recommended to me as the preferred .mov choice for a FCP X Master file. I've been doing so for years and the AVCHD discs I've burned always are excellent. So it does, in fact, "work" with earlier versions of Toast. When FCP "Share to disc" is working, I usually let it do the job. But occasionally, usually after an IOS or FCP software update, it breaks (always near deadline) and I fall back on Toast 14. As previously mentioned, 14 Pro still works with ProRes422 .mov files from FCP but 17 currently does not. My FCP AVCHD discs are projected on a large screen before an audience of 100 or so and I want all the resolution I reasonably can get. That's why I've always gone with ProRes422. I also burn additional AVCHDs and standard DVDs for very limited distribution. However, I'm thinking now that I'll simply project my original Master .mov file via a laptop and hope Toast 17 gets "fixed" or my copy of Toast 14 continue to hang in there for disc production.
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    Try here https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=roxio+game+capture+hd+pro+AND+OBS
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    It wouldn't work if only Creator (the big multi-menu thing) was running. The only way I could get it to work was to run Roxio Burn, so this box was visible down in the bottom right of the screen. Then I had to right-click on the ISO and click the flaming disc option Doing that loaded the ISO into Roxio Burn and I then had to click the flaming disc which appeared on the right end of Roxio Burn. Seems a great way to complicate what had been a relatively simple process in NXT4?
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    I had this message come up in MY DVD on the old computer and that and other issues with Roxio had me update my 8 year old box. This still happens on the new machine at times and like the old, the only solution seems to be rebooting the computer. The specs on my new computer are: Intel Core i7-8700 Desktop Processor 6 Cores up to 4.6GHz Turbo LGA1151 300 Series 65W BX80684i78700 Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 DRAM 2666MHz (PC4-21300) C16 Memory Kit - Black Samsung 960 EVO Series - 500GB NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD (MZ-V6E500BW) I didn't get a video or sound card (yet), but see no reason why this causes problems as I have a pretty screaming machine now. The video (today's at least) is over an hour long and I am trying to burn a disc image prior to burning to DVD. Any ideas? I would rather get it to stop doing that, than to have to reboot and try again. Thanks.
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    Thanks, Redwagon - VLC did the job for now
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    I just downloaded creator NXT pro 5.....had been using Roxi 2012 and upgraded hoping the quality of the DVDs would be less grainy. (Original feed was crystal clear). Trying to burn DVD with new product. Previously, I could click the DVD icon and without menues, click the burn button directly. Now I see "PREPARE FOR AUTHORING" and create video file. Have been searching help and can't find how to "burn" from this program. What am I missing?
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    After selecting Remove menu audio, right click the title button. Does it show Edit menu background as one of the options? Select that option. On the Timeline view of the newly opened window, click on the object in the Video track. Copy it and paste as many times such that the total duration of the video track is as long as the duration of the intended audio. Now, add the audio in the Music track. Then press the Back to menu button. Just an expanded version of what was already advised to you above.