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    Moper and CDanteek, Sorry to be so long getting back to this. I had to find a spare HD and install XP on it, then ECDC 6, because I didn't have a disc formatted and written with Drag 2 Disc. I've done that now, and frankly I'm a bit perplexed about Moper's discs. Grab a coffee and read on . . . Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 does not have any specialized backup programs such as that BackOnTrack thing, so if Moper's discs were written by version 6 then they had to be written as standard unencrypted CDs by Disc Copier or Creator Classic, or a Universal Disc Format (UDF) packet-written disc by Drag2Disc. It seems Moper can't recall which program he used - it was a long time ago. Standard CDs are, well, standard. They can be read by any Windows machine. UDF packet-written discs are "different". They need an Operating System which can read them, or an add-on reader. [Roxio's updateudfreader is as useless as udders on a bull, since it won't install a reader, but will only update one if you already have one installed. Huh? ] So that's why I went back and formatted a UDF packet-written disc with Drag2Disc. It formatted fine, wrote fine, read fine in XP with D2D installed, and I even added a few files in subsequent sessions. I then uninstalled D2D and could no longer read the CD. Good! All working as it should. Here's what NXT 7 said about it (packet-written) and UltraISO said it was UDF as expected. But now came the problem - Windows 10 reads the CD! I tried it under Windows 10 Pro, and under 10 Home, just in case. They both read the CD without problem. I have thought hard about this, and without any info from Moper on what his machine told him about the discs, how he stored them, or how he tried to read them, the only guess I can make right now is that the CDs have deteriorated with age so they're mechanically unreadable. If they're still in good condition, Windows 10 should read them. Any thoughts, or further information Gents? Brendon
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    It IS a hardware issue, sorry. When your burner writes a disc it writes a lead-in, then the record data, then a lead-out. Your burner didn't even get so far as to successfully write the lead-in, so it won't write a disc with any burner software. Sorry, but it's back to a workshop where they can test and repair/replace the slim-line drive. Regards, Brendon
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    Installing any old application isn't much difficult. You have to follow steps one by one and your problem will be resolved. Firstly, go to program files. Next, just locate the .exe file. Which corresponds to the executable. Right click on it and then click on properties. It will show you a popup window, click on compatibility mode. Now select your operating system and click on Ok. That’s it… If you still facing any difficulty or confusion, then simply read this article 1 and follow it step by step and your problem will be resolved. You can also read this post for solution
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    Darn it!! I think you might be talking about WinZip Secure Burn Enterprise 5, which is one of Corel's Volume Licensing products. If that's the case, I don't think we can help you here because none of the Roxio Gurus have that product. Can you confirm that's the software you're talking about, please?
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    Big Sur had a new update to 11.2.3, and now Toast is back not working again. Reinstalled and then re-upgraded (because 19.2 is still the "newest" version on this site. Toast hangs when trying to open the doc where I left off. Oy.
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    I have taken the same path you have. I worked with the Toast technical folks for nearly an entire month and nothing they suggested would work. Frankly, I grew very disgusted with their approach. Besides getting useless suggestions, they seemed unwilling to respond to what I would send back to them as a result of trying what they recommended. I provided detailed written descriptions and screen shots. But their response was simply more unhelpful suggestions. Eventually, since I was using Apple's Final Cut Pro X, I contacted their technical support and they helped me figure out how to burn Blu-ray Discs with chapter markers. The result is not as elegant as I had hoped with Toast but at least it works. It is really too bad that Apple discontinued IDVD as that truly worked in the past. I have found no other option that seems capable of replicating what I could do before with that application. Frankly, I think Corel should be called out for selling a product with functionality that neither works, nor can be "fixed" by their own technical people. I have posted reviews everywhere I can to alert consumers about this. And, of course, I requested and got my money back. But this comes after chewing up multiple Blu-ray Discs in the process of discovering that the Toast "experts" could not help me solve this problem. For what it is worth, I went through this exact situation in 2020 with Toast 18 and was told they would be issuing a new version that would work. Well, Toast 19 Pro arrived and we are in the same place. While I realize that a lot of the world has turned to media accessed in ways other than DVDs, there still is a need for this in many instances. If you happen to be using the same Apple application I am for video editing, let me know and I'll tell you what they did to help me burn blu-ray disks with chapter markers.
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    Hey guys, New here and can’t find a solution or answer for what I am trying to do. I am recording fine using the switch, but I ideally want to use a headset whilst still recording game audio and allowing me to use voice chat. I know the switch will only allow one signal not both. Is there a way I can use the headphone out on the switch to my game cap pro while still allowing the game cap pro to use hdmi for the video? For example could I get a Y splitter and use one for headphones and run one to game cap pro audio in with relevant RCA adaptor, then hdmi out to tv? Or will the game cap only allow the one source I.e hdmi in, no audio in or audio in, no hdmi. Thanks in advance.
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    When you burn it to DVD it will convert it to the standard needed.
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    That would have been a good option. Yes it has gone backwards in its look. I hate those icons which go along the top. I have reverted to Toast 18 and I hope it stays supported for a while on Mac OS particularly Big Sur. It just doesn’t look like a Mac product anymore. There are so many bits with Toast that we have had to put up with like the About dialogue looking a bit ropey for years but as soon as they messed up the interface that is a big bad decision and one that is gonna affect the sales of the product and possibly it’s lifespan now.
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    Hi, everyone, I am new to this Discussions group, but I just had to post as a long time user of Toast since 'Toast 5 Titanium'. Normally with each version of Toast has come changes to the user interface and as a professional graphic designer I have not always fully liked the design choices but understood that change is often necessary and felt that the interface was still within the limits of good design. However, I am most displeased with the current direction of the design of the user interface for Toast 19. It no longer feels like I am using Toast and I think if this is not drastically improved in Toast version 20, I will abandon the product despite being a long time fan. I am sure I am not the only person who feels this way about the design and I just don't understand the design decision with this. A lot of mac users are designers and I just feel that the design has cheapened the product somewhat. Also when I was installing the product on my MacBook Pro, the installer crashed. I have had a similar experience with the last Roxio Creator software for PC too, it was buggy and I didn't like the design of the software and subsequently removed from my PC and now have taken the decision to no longer update the software anymore. I would be willing to work with Roxio in the future to help improve the user interface and possibly lend a hand in designing it if need be to keep the product fresh and alive but as it stands I think this software is going downhill fast which is a real shame since it was a product I truly loved.
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    I have Macbook pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) 2.5 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 Mac OS 10.15.7 Catalina. I had to upgrade to Catalina so the new iPhone 12 would connect. My toast 14 wouldn't work so I bought Toast 19 Pro. After the install would crash upon launch, I would see launch then it would crash. I called tech support really no help, I did chat and no one was in that could help me, but they gave me a ticket number. Then i checked this forum out. jamesfrmphilly had a list o things to clear out or uninstall I followed the instructions and trashed the items listed plus anything that was labeled Roxio or Toast or Jam. I then ran a maintenance program on OnyX. and reinstalled Toast 19 Pro and it didn't crash. Thanks forum and jamesfrmphilly he posted the info on Jan 3
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    Hi Mary, I asked the app developer and they said that they are similar but "DVD Creator-Burn Video Maker" is the better one.
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    Hi Mary, Lets see if they let me help you on a competitors product without deleting my message! Its really pretty easy, when you add the video it will appear on a sidebar, and also as a little frame on the menu. Select the movie in the sidebar, then click the "Video Chapter" button at the top. This opens a. new viewer window. Your movie will start playing, and every where you want a chapter to start, click the "add Chapter" button. You can adjust the exact start and stop later, or erase a chapter and reset it. When you have made all the chapters you want, click "Add Chapters on Menu" at the bottom. That will automatically break your movie into chapters, that you can drag from the sidebar to the menu. Be careful because they will all say the same title, but they are the different parts. They are listed in order so if you drag them in order you should be fine. I've written the app author about being able to change the chapter names and it is not possible at this time, so if you are not sure which is which, you can click the little pencil on each chapter and it will open a window that shows the whole movie with the chapter identified. If you want to see just the chapter, press the button that looks like a little black box in a tray. You can adjust the chapter by drawing the little indicators left or right. Then click done. In the menu window you can have little clips for each chapter, or edit the frame by selecting the frame, and clicking "edit frame" below it. You can change it to a text title instead of the movie frame, or select a static image from the chapter. You can also resize and change the frame style here, or in the menu. One thing I have not figured out is how to have a frame and text for each chapter, so what I did was just added my own text box by clicking Add Text. You can make a different text box for each chapter, then select it and click "edit text" below. That way you can chance font, colors, size, outlines, shadows, etc. Hope that helps. They do ache a support email, and some youtube videos that might help too. Good luck!
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    Hi Matt, Thanks for responding. I havent tried anything else, just what is in T-18. I just downloaded it last night. playing with it now. I tried DVD creator, and at least 5 others. All I want is a DVD authoring with chapters buttons! Not everything works with High Sierra. Some of the software or apps don't support chapter buttons, or the capabilities to durn to a DVD only BR. Pulling my hair out! Guess I'll just have to suck it up with the lack of options and just get this done. I digitized all my dad's old home movies, imported the files into Mac, edited with dates, names,music. so the timelines are done, I just need to get the chapters in there by the year and get these suckers burned to discs. The movies start in 1956! I'm sure a lot of people are doing this sort of thing with old home movies.
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    I agree completely but I need access to BluRay and DD 5.1 so I may be stuck. I'll check out the program you suggested. I have to be nice here because they like to block my posts so thats why when I found a work around.. and as you say, it's time consuming, I thought I'd share it. Obviously it won't work for you. Wish apple would release iBluRay based on the iDVD engine.
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    This will probably be my last post here. I gave Toast a good try based on reputation and reviews, but it NEVER worked. No real menu customization and it never completed a burn, not once, and I tried it on 2 computers. Very disappointing. I returned Toast19 and they did give me a refund as promised, so they did live up to that expectation, but the app itself was a complete failure. iDVD did way more 10 years ago than Toast19 does now, which is really surprising. How can they charge $90 for an app that doesn't do much of anything? After doing a bit more research I bought "DVD Creator-Burn Video Maker" by Peng Guiping on the Apple App Store. it is FULLY customizable, any font, size or color, different frames, music, you can drag menu items wherever you want, basically is it what iDVD was and what Toast should be, but isn't. And it only cost me $15. I was able to burn multiple DVDs on the first try, and even when I push it to its limits it has worked well. It's not perfect, there are a couple of improvements that I would hope for, but really it is so much better than Toast as far as customization, speed, and versatility. Best of luck to anyone sticking with Toast. My recommendation, give this other app a try and save yourself some headaches! Happy New Year!
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    after doing a clean uninstall and following all their instructions 19.2 ran ok for a few days and crashed again. apparently roxio does not actually have tech support anymore. i think we're screwed.
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    i did a very complicated clean uninstall and then a reboot before i reinstalled 19.2
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    Have been playing around for 30 mins on this software (Tit19) and I already hate it. This lack of customisable menus is one of the reasons I'll probably ask for my money back — unless I'm missing something. In C21st users should have full control over how their menus look . . . just like you could back in the day with Adobe Encore.
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    Unbelievable. People have been asking about custom menus since forever.. 59 people have read this and nobody leaves a comment? I thought it would help out the community but I guess I was wrong.
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    hey ! just wanted you to know you are not the only one having problems with Toast19 and MACOS Big Sur ( I was already having problems with T18 and Catalina) ... You are not Alone in your frustration :-)
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    I have the exact same problem. the support team are a waste of space. any solutions would be appreciated
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    Cassette deck output worked... had a few glitches with the software, but I'm up & running... I noticed the Video side uses the output from the VHS player, so this does make sense. But Roxio could improve the instructions.... Should say Cassette Deck, not Stereo Receiver. Thank you!
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    I tried a couple of things but still could not get NXT 4 to do that... Sadly a lot of good things were dropped There is still one backdoor approach, didn't try it yet, but it is there! Create your Project in VideoWave and Export As to a file at the same quality as you want (dvd = 720 X 480 @ 8-9 kbps) Add that file into Copy & Convert. Choose DVD for output and don't check the option for Menus Another benefit of using Copy & Convert is that without Menus, it will be a looping DVD! Disadvantage is that it is limited to DVD
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    they dont' have a place where you can download it from their site once it's been registered? that seems a little off to me.