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    What Does The 805 Update Do?

    That will help the sales then, if people can't see what has been fixed to make it more compatible with with their existing equipment. Never heard anything like this, a company fixing things and then not telling people what they have fixed/done, perhaps the truth is nothing. Will put it back in the box and give it all a miss I think....... Thanks anyway, I know it's not your fault that you can't give the info seeing it's not passed on to you, what a mess. (again). Anthony
  2. anthony.ellis1@btinternet.com

    What Does The 805 Update Do?

    Does a list of them come down with the update ? Anthony
  3. anthony.ellis1@btinternet.com

    What Does The 805 Update Do?

    Yes I would like to know please before the EU version is available. Anthony
  4. anthony.ellis1@btinternet.com

    Emc8 Update

    Sorry, as I posted in the wrong section, I did not see that someone else has asked this question until you moved it. Will have to wait then Anthony
  5. anthony.ellis1@btinternet.com

    Emc8 Update

    I have downloaded the update dated 5 december, when I try to install it, it reports that the applications can't be found. My install from the CD under creator classic about is build 801B16A ENU. I have the UK CD Version, does the error mean that it only works on the US version ? Anthony