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    Taking Forever To Encode

    In my experience, any re-encoding of an MKV file through Toast is impossibly slow. I usually make standard DVDs for friends, and I either use Handbrake to convert the file to an M4V or use VisualHub to convert it to DV. With either of those formats, Toast's encoding speed improves dramatically.
  2. mike457

    Toast Quits When Opening Mkv Files

    I have found both Toast 10 and 11 to be very slow in dealing with MKV files, so slow as to leave me uncertain whether anything is actually happening. What I usually do is convert the MKV to DV or some other format and then feed it to Toast.
  3. mike457

    How To Rip My Dvdonto Imac Hard Drive

    You should simply be able to copy the video_ts folder from each DVD, since there should be no copy protection on disks you have made yourself. The real question becomes how do you want to play them back? If you are only going to watch them on the computer, then DVD player or VLC will work fine. If you want to convert them to another format for playing on an Apple TV, iPad, or iPod, then you can either do that through Toast or Handbrake.
  4. mike457

    Upgrade Question

    I ordered the upgrade from the website, which offered $99.99 with the dreaded $20 mail-in rebate. I know why Roxio does the mail-in rebate, but it drives me nuts. One thing I forgot is that if you have the email from your purchase of the previous version, there's a code for a further $10 reduction.
  5. I would suggest using Handbrake (free) to transcode for the Apple TV. I have always had trouble with 5.1 sound in Toast.
  6. mike457

    No Dolby 5.1?

    I would suggest using Makemkv, which is free, does not compress the video, and will let you choose the 5.1 soundtrack. If you do need compression, you can do that through Handbrake (also free), which will keep the 5.1 sound. I have not been able to get 5.1 sound to work right in previous versions of Toast. My apologies: I missed the Tivo reference in the OP.
  7. mike457

    Sending Blu-ray Discs To Us?

    The limitations of NTSC vs. PAL still apply, I believe. However, many disk players and TVs don't care which format the disk is in and are only hampered by regional encoding. I have an LG Blu-ray player and an LG TV. I have played region-free 1080P UK discs without difficulty.
  8. mike457

    Question About Pal/ntsc

    Only older TVs, especially CRT models, cared about whether the image was PAL or NTSC. The same applies to older DVD players: good machines don't care. It only makes sense for the manufacturers not to have to produce more than one model. Unfortunately, region encoding is still with us, and a different problem.
  9. mike457

    Is Upgrade Policy Reasonable?

    It is up to each company to decide its own policies about how to deal with previous purchasers, unfortunately. I'm in full sympathy, however, with people who have recently bought Toast. I had a similar experience with Roxio's PC software, where, in response to a series of emails offering a great bargain, I bought it a couple of weeks before a new version was announced. I was then informed by a customer service person that I had to pay the full upgrade price. What is especially annoying in these cases is that Roxio's people already know that a new version is about to come out, and I could have had the latest version for the same upgrade price, since I had an earlier version of the PC software. There are two things that drive me especially crazy about Toast upgrades. Roxio frequently has different prices for the upgrades. With Toast 9, they emailed an offer of one price and had a price $20 cheaper if you went through the website. I had to call a customer service person, cancel my first purchase, and then repurchase the software to get the cheaper price. The other nuisance is the mail-in rebate. Last time, I mailed in a print out of my email receipt to prove purchase and received a letter saying that the receipt was not sufficient. I had to phone, spend the usual period on hold, and negotiate to finally get my rebate.
  10. mike457

    Toast 10?

    While I'm not in the "just bought it" category, I am concerned about Roxio's yearly upgrades. It seems as if Mac World comes around and there's always a new Toast; that's when I bought mine last time. I am particularly concerned about the usual range of confusing upgrade offers and the dreaded mail-in rebate. Last time, I cancelled my original purchase when I learned a day afterwards that there was a different upgrade offer that was $20 less than the upgrade offer I had taken. I later had to call to get my mail-in rebate honoured when the business taking the offers refused to accept my copy of the email receipt as valid proof of purchase. I'm not sure I want to do this upgrade!
  11. mike457

    Mac Download Update 9.0.2

    Actually, Joseph, there's no need to "shout." Zip files are supported by the Mac operating system and do not require a separate programme. They are not only for Windows. Using zip files is even more simple than Stuffit, since that is a separate programme that you would have to download and install. Best, Mike
  12. mike457

    Why I'm Not Upgrading

    Bob, I do agree with you about the speed and courtesy of the refund process. I got through immediately, I had my order number at hand, and the woman put my request through at once without asking any questions. She sent me the email with the link within twenty minutes. I'm with you also about the need for consistency. I didn't really mind the $79 price, as long as it's what everybody else is paying. It just bugs me to have paid the $79 that was listed in the email, and find out a couple of hours later through this thread that it should have been $59. I hate feeling I'm being ripped off. Once the refund is in my account, I'll buy the $59 version. Best, and I'm more calm now, Mike
  13. mike457

    Add Subtitles When Converting Video

    You can do this with Handbrake, which is free, though I don't think it can be done in Toast.
  14. mike457

    Why I'm Not Upgrading

    Well, I received a reply to my email. Get a load of this: "Thank you for contacting the Sonic Solutions Online Store. The Sonic Solutions Online Store strives to offer the products at the lowest available prices. Unfortunately, we are unable to match the prices and discounts available through other resellers." It's a good thing I'm not near to Sonic's headquarters, or I'd be tempted to go in to start busting heads. Needless to say, I explained clearly in my previous emails that it was THEIR prices for THEIR upgrades that I was upset about. I have now called and asked for a refund. I tried to use the refund link on their website, but it says it has no record of my order., so I fell back on the phone and human beings. Now I have to wait for the refund email to turn up. Mike :angry2:
  15. mike457

    Why I'm Not Upgrading

    I think the best thing to do is follow Tsantee's advice, "return" the software and get a refund, then buy the upgrade at the $59 price. I have had no reply today to my email; I'll see if anything turns up overnight, then take that advice myself.