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    Toast Video Player Has Expired

    looks like they have updated the update (I hope that's proper grammar). I downloaded it and can edit the videos again. Thanks everyone
  2. omaharon

    Toast Video Player Has Expired

    I downloaded the most recent update for Toast 10 Titanium. I have used the tiro transfer option to move some shows from my tiro to my iMac. I am unable to edit or view them. I get the following message: Sorry, this pre-release version has expired. Please contact Elgato Systems for a release version or a new beta. I get an option to go to the web site, and, wouldn't you know, it brings me to an ad for Toast 11. If I reinstall the original Toast 10 from my disc, I can edit video. If I update, I can't. Has anyone figured out how to correct this issue? Or should I go back to the original version? Thanks, Ron