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    Sonic Digital Media Plus

    Thanks for that fast reply My dell and the HP I loaded this on has windows XP home edition. My Lenovo has windows xp Professional. Could that be the problem?
  2. A few years ago I purchased a dvd burner that burns double sided dvd's With the burner came a disc from Sonic called Sonic digital Media Plus. The program works great on my Dell computer but I bought a newer Lenovo with a faster processor. When I try to load this Sonic program it installs OK except for the module for MYDVD. It won't install. can anyone help me with this? I know it is an older program but it suites my need just fine. I also took this program to a friends house and loaded it on his computer and it installed all the modules including MYDVD. It is an HP. But it will not load on my Levono. ?????