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  1. Final resolution: When burning/copying CD's using disparate software products, make sure the burn rates match!!!
  2. OK...2nd CD burned...cool... iTunes does support the 16x burn rate. But I see that the only 2 options for CD burn rates in NXT 2 are 24x or MAX. second CD burned on NXT 2 using matching 24x burn rate sounds good. This may have been the issue all along. Man..I have wasted dozens of CD's trying to figure this out.
  3. iTunes is set to burn @ 24x I changed NXT 2 to 24x. Also..I use the Copy to Disk function first option that NXT 2 provides. Just copied a previously burned iTunes audio CD. Testing the NXT 2 copied CD on another laptop. It is readable, all 15 tracks. No going to test using the NXT 2 Make Another function. Will report back shortly.
  4. iTunes discs are always readable, no matter the CD manufacturer. That is part of my process. As soon as I burn the original iTunes CD, I test it on another Dell laptop immediately. Interesting observation about burn rates in iTunes vs NXT 2. I will test that immediately.
  5. Newly purchased Creator NXT 2, replaced older version, 2010 W/7 Pro, SP1, latest updates applied Dell XPX M1530 laptop DVD Drive: Optiarc DVD-RW AD 7640A ATA Drive, latest software driver applied Staples CD-R 80 minutes, 700mb 52x speed, 1x-52x compatible Scenario: Using iTunes to burn audio CD, Always less than 60 minutes Using Creator NXT 2 to copy CD originally burned in iTunes. Copy Disc function randomly seems to fail when closing the CD burn process. Some CD's are readable on other Dell laptop. Other times the burn/close process seems to be hung. An audible sound can be heard as if the CD was bad. I have tried an assortment of other manufacturer CDs. Nothing seems to help. I close down NXT 2 and restart. It may work it may not. This problem was happening on the 2010 version of Creator. I was hoping the new version would fix the problem. any ideas appreciated... victor
  6. When using Copy and Convert Video on downloaded iTunes .m4v's, I sometimes see the following message. "One or more files could not be converted because they are not supported." I am assuming this has to do with DRM keys. But I am able to convert some of my downloaded .m4v's. Anybody got any ideas ?