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    File Won't Fit To Dvd?

    check the size of your file and the media size capability If the file size is larger then media then this type of prblm occurs.
  2. lodhig

    Stuck preparing and other errors

    The error is relevant to media change your media.
  3. lodhig

    Problems Burning From .cdr Disk Image

    Hi, The name is in upper case with "_" instead of spaces. That's if you mean the .CDR filename - is this what you intend I've tried converting to a .IMG and then burning that onto the DVD, success is better but not 100%. Plus creating a .IMG is a real nuisance in OSX.
  4. lodhig

    Install Problems

    First copy the installation file to your HDD then install from HDD.
  5. lodhig

    Poor Video Quality

    u have to install the new version of toast Using Toast Basic 9 , Ver. 9.0.7
  6. lodhig

    Old Commercial Tape

    yes u can covert it through roxio very easily.
  7. lodhig

    Cursor Is Out Of Control!

    just buy a new mouse .. this problem is occurs due to the problem in mouse
  8. lodhig

    Roxio Game Capture Pc

    is your system meets the requirement and also check the latest roxio application
  9. lodhig

    Usb Device Not Recognized

    try the other USB ports Some of the time the USB driver make an issue The solution is So how did I finally fix the problem? Well, apparently it’s a super simple solution! No need to edit the registry, uninstall drivers, or anything of that sort. Simply UNPLUG YOUR COMPUTER FROM THE POWER SUPPLY. Yes that’s it! Note that this does not mean just turning off your computer because modern computers don’t really turn off when you press the power button as the motherboard still gets power. First to explain, the motherboard is where all of hardware of the computer is connected to, including the USB ports. Sometimes the motherboard needs to be “rebooted” also because something can go wrong, i.e. all your USB ports suddenly stop working. The small microprocessor on the motherboard will reload the drivers and your USB ports should be back to recognizing all devices! So first turn off your computer using Shut Down or pressing the power button and then UNPLUG it from the wall outlet. Let it sit for about a minute and then plug it back in. Hope this helps someone fix that pesky “USB device not recognized” Windows error!