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    Converting .avi Files To .vob Format

    Thanks Walt. Appreciate your quick responses to my post. I will study the thread and also try burning few DVDs and update the post.
  2. Atlsun65

    Converting .avi Files To .vob Format

    DigitalGuru, This is the first time I am using Roxio Creator 2011, so not familiar with all the options. I have a .avi file on my computer. I would like to convert this to VIDEO_TS structure and burn to DVD. Should just use Create DVD or Copy and Convert DVD or Edit Video-Advanced option. One of the option got stuck at 8% progress and did not go any further. The Advanced option put a title page and movie inside it and got stuck at 97%. Right now, I am trying MyDVD option and waiting to see how this works out.
  3. I have Roxio Creator 2011 Special Edition, installed on Windows 7 machine. I have .avi files which I would like to convert to .VOB files, so I can watch them on my DVD player. I am able to convert the .avi file into DVD Format, but I cannot see the files or folders which I try to look at the DVD from Windows explorer. Does Roxio support converting .avi to .vob files (Video_TS folder structure)? Thanks for your inputs.