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    Music Dvd Audio Distortion

    Ok, thanks so far. I have found an alternative software tool (HD-DVD audio Solo) that can create DVD-A and universal DVD-Video discs with high resolution audio content without distortion. I have to assume that Roxio will be mainly addressing the mp3 customer base. Thanks
  2. I try to create High resolution audio DVD's with the DVD creator version 9. The audio tracks that I use are all created with professional equipment and come to me in the 24/48 or 24/96 format, mostly stereo. The DVD music disk creator require me to downsample the wave files to 16/48 and 16/96, which is still pretty good. I check the downsampled files before they are burned onto disc and thus make sure the source material is good. The burning process works fine (No error messages and everything works fine) but when listening back from the created DVD I notice channel echo's and typical mid/high band digital distortion similar to Internet radio distortion years ago. Violins and Soprano voices sound awfull. In the project option settings I choose uncompressed audio. The results are even worse If I select AC3 (Dolby) or MPEG2. When creating normal 16/44 audio CD's from the same source material I obtain very good results. System: HP Pavilion M8160 (2Mhz 4400 CPU), Realtek HD audio 32/192 max resolution. etc. Vista Professional 32bit. Are these problems known and will creator 2012 give better results. Note that the offical specifications for universal DVD-Video disc cater for 24/48 in 5.1 surround(compressed) and 24/48 and 24/96 stereo uncompressed audio (universal DVD-Video requires all audio files in the VIDEO-TS folder imbedded in Video Object Files). I had hoped that Roxio Music disc creator would be able to create normal Video discs with High res Audio content. Hope somebody picks this up! Willem