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    Static, Noise After Blu-Ray Burn

    very interesting. i finally got your suggestion to work but putting the blu-ray disk into the blu-ray recorder connected to my mac and using roxio video player. it plays very jerky, as if needing to buffer, but there is no static in the audio. since the distortion in the audio occurred with playback on brand new consumer BD-R player, what should i do if i need to make disks that are playable on consumer BD-R players? for instance, the fellowship i'm applying to might be using a similar player. i have no way to know. thank you for any thoughts and for your suggestion. best, stanya
  2. skahn

    Static, Noise After Blu-Ray Burn

    and the blu-ray player i'm using is brand new just bought two days ago for monitoring this project since macs don't play blu-rays. tried analog rca outs and also optical digital out, same sound problems.
  3. skahn

    Static, Noise After Blu-Ray Burn

    sorry i take that back. there seems to be distortion on both. but neither of the original files have any distortion...
  4. skahn

    Static, Noise After Blu-Ray Burn

    oops, wrong reply window. my mac is rejecting the disk, won't recognize it. also, there are two video pieces on the disk. only one has the distortion. the second piece seems fine, and the audio for that piece is mpeg 4. which makes me thing somehow toast is having trouble with the endcode? or could it be that it doesn't like having two different audio types for one set of burn settings?
  5. skahn

    Static, Noise After Blu-Ray Burn

    also, there are two short videos pieces on the disk. only one of them has the distortion problem, the other doesn't. the one with no distortion has Mpeg-4 audio.
  6. skahn

    Static, Noise After Blu-Ray Burn

    thank you for your reply. my mac is rejecting the disk. i will try again. i was under the impression that Macs are not able to deal with blu-ray disks?
  7. skahn

    Audio Distortion After Creating Dvd

    I'm having same problem with creating a blu-ray in toast 11. my original files are fine, my disk image is fine, the audio in the preview/edit window in toast is fine. but after burning, there is distortion and crackling in the audio. driving me nuts. on deadline and can't seem to fix. tried Dolby Digital audio setting (which matches file) and also PCM. original audio is 48000Hz, ac3 dolby digital as compressed in Encore. (ac3 shouldn't be a problem for toast right?) help!!
  8. skahn

    Static, Noise After Blu-Ray Burn

    2 problems: 1) static, cracking noise in audio on blu-ray made in toast titanium 11. all original files, including disc image are all fine. seems to happen in the burning. using new iMac, snow leopard, original file is only 2.5 gigs, 5:07 minutes of HD video, compressed in Encore with the following settings: H264/AVC, 1920x1080, 23.98fps. Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo 48000Hz. Custom settings in toast for burning are: Mpeg-4 avc av bit rate 26 max bit rate 26 reencoding : never field dom: auto aspect ratio: auto audio format : dolby digital , 192 kbps with no dynamic range compression. should i try dynamic range compression? or try changing the audio to PCM? it's a drag to waste disks trying these out, and on a deadline for a fellowship! help! ALSO: 2) when i try to check the file in toast, in the edit section, i get picture but no audio. thank you!